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Re: ACTION-255: Work on financial reporting text as alternative to legal requirements

From: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 10:09:19 +0200
To: Alan Chapell <achapell@chapellassociates.com>
Cc: Tracking WG <public-tracking@w3.org>, Nicholas Doty <npdoty@w3.org>, "Dobbs, Brooks" <Brooks.Dobbs@kbmg.com>
Message-ID: <112396516.EtzWCOEkvT@hegel.sophia.w3.org>

as you are a lawyer too, I expect that you can distinguish between 
the assertion about stupid laws and the assertion about stupid 
people. I admit the first while you transgress into the latter. 

Sometimes, even lobbyist are lobbying for a good cause. Here is your 
occasion! I know that lawmakers would love to recompartimentalize 
the Web and the Internet into national controlled information spaces 
that align well with their laws. All would be so simple and clean. 
Unfortunately, ....


On Wednesday 26 September 2012 17:45:02 Alan Chapell wrote:
> I'll be sure to communicate to the PCMCP that the official
> position coming from the General Counsel of the W3C is that they
> are stupid (:
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