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TPE: Work ahead; volunteers?

From: Matthias Schunter <mts@zurich.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:03:18 +0100
Message-ID: <4F561926.3010605@zurich.ibm.com>
To: "public-tracking@w3.org" <public-tracking@w3.org>
Hi Folks,

Enclosed is a summary list of areas where I believe more work is
needed in order to create a complete and stable draft for the TPE

If you want to volunteer to push one of these areas or if you want to
propose an action for one of them, please drop me a line.

Once we shipped the current draft, we need to tackle these open
questions to finalize our spec.


PS: Please drop me a line if I overlooked an area of if one of these
areas has been resolve (with me overlooking the emails)

[Sec 4.3: Querying DNT request header via Javascript]
- ISSUE-116: Can we build an API that works reliably?

[Sec 5: Server responses to user agent]

The goal of this section is to define mechanisms to tell a user agent
to what extent his preferences are followed.

We have designed
- A proposal for response headers
- A proposal for posting information at a well-known URI

- Which of the following options to choose:
  - Headers-only, URI-only, or both
- What is the minimal data attached to a response.
  The URIs propose a very rich set while the headers remain slim.
  Example data that has been proposed by the URIs:
	- List of associated sites
 	- List of partner sites
	- URL to an info page
	- URL to an opt-in and opt-out page
	- URL to the policy
	- Extensions
- If we choose headers+URI: What is the best interplay
  between them

[Sec 6: Informing the Server about Site-specific Exceptions]

In this area,
- we created a Javascript API that allows a server to ask for
  exceptions (Section 6)
- we decided not to provide an API for retrieving the set
  of exceptions for a server due to the resulting finger
  printing risks

Open questions 1: Informing the server about exceptions
- ISSUE-111: Different DNT value
- ISSUE-84: API call that allows server to query

Open Question 2:
- ISSUE-113: Should we allow for global exceptions
  of the form like "thirdparty.*"
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