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Re: f2f wrap up & next steps

From: Kevin Kiley <kevin.kiley@3pmobile.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 22:21:34 +0000
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More 'water-cooler' conversation...

> Chris wrote...
> Per an email sent earlier this week, I believe Aleecia is out sick this week (hence no working group call today).
> Let's cut her a reasonable break, and let her rest and recover, so she can catch up with her administrative duties as co-chair in the next weeks.
> Please appreciate that most people on the W3C working group are volunteers to the W3C.
> Best
> Chris

Didn't know that... of course I hope she gets well soon... and of course there is a huge 'volunteer' effort
going on here. Even though (most) 'participants' are paid/sponsored by their employers to be here there has
obviously been a huge 'midnight oil' effort involved all along. Everyone knows that...

...but also 'please appreciate' that the decisions being made here affect an awful lot of people and
are going to involve ( for some ) an awful lot of time and money to implement ( correctly ).

This is REAL stuff.  It's going to affect the entire Web and existing infrastucture.

It needs to keep moving along ( as best it can ) on a (clear) timeframe to an (understandable/implementable) conclusion.

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