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Re: tracking-ISSUE-150: DNT conflicts from multiple user agents [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

From: Roy T. Fielding <fielding@gbiv.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 15:04:00 -0700
Cc: "public-tracking@w3.org" <public-tracking@w3.org>
Message-Id: <FE883E10-DF1B-4E44-A406-8F0B537489CB@gbiv.com>
To: Justin Brookman <justin@cdt.org>
On Jun 1, 2012, at 2:53 PM, Justin Brookman wrote:

> The intermediary will correct based on what information?  Who will create the black list of "browser matches" and on what criteria, maintain it, deduce what the browser UI was that the user interfaced with

I would.  I have before.

> , and determine that the user did not otherwise interact with the browser settings?

That isn't relevant.  If the protocol is not valid, it doesn't
reflect the user's wishes even when configured correctly.
If the browser is broken, the user is told to use a better
browser if they want their configuration to be respected.

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