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DNT Global Considerations Kick-off

From: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 22:23:33 +0100
To: public-tracking-international@w3.org
Cc: Sophie Nerbonne <snerbonne@cnil.fr>, tlr@w3.org
Message-ID: <3664048.8v2PXblefZ@hegel.sophia.w3.org>
Dear all, 

as promised now the kick-off for your Tracking Protection Working 
Group Task Force on global considerations. We have 38 People on our 
Task Force and we expect more people to come in once they have been 
accepted as Invited Experts. I'm also in discussions with the french 
CNIL and with other DPAs for participation. The more we have, the 
better it is, as we need buy-in from them. Any suggestions for 
further additions are welcome. 

We have a page for this task force at  
I will update it as we  go. 

For discussion, please send email to our mailing-list: 
All Task Force Members are subscribed. 

We have our own product line in Tracker. Please use it: 
There are already open issues, but those are very generic and from 
earlier. We may close them and start from scratch. 

Global considerations, as it is a Task Force of the Tracking 
Protection WG, is bound by the charter of the WG. This means we will 
try all we can to avoid scope creep. 

We are a Task Force. This means we can not decide on anything. We 
will just work on suggestions that we will then submit to the 
Working Group for further discussion/consensus. But of course it 
doesn't look well if you agree here and oppose then in the WG 
plenary. The WG will then decide to incorporate (or not) our 
suggestions into the text of the relevant Specification.


1/ It is our goal to NOT write an additional document with normative 

2/ We want to create normative text for the specification of DNT:0 as 
a minimum permission that includes at least the data collection 
necessary for OBA and market research. 

3/ Create text for a footnote in the Tracking Preference Expression 
Specification that indicates that for EU there is no distinction 
between first and third party

4/ Add non-normative text to the Tracking Preference Expression 
Specification hinting on how to use DNT as a consent mechanism

5/ Create a Best Practices Document to describe non-normative 
implementation considerations world wide. This may include hints 
concerning the APEC Privacy agreement as well as EU data protection 
implementation tips.

6/ Add implementation considerations to the Best Practices Document

7/ Decide on the form of the Best Practices Document. It can be a 
W3C Note or just something the Group could contribute to 


I assume we start the discussion on the mailing-list. I will 
organize a call if needed. 

And we plan for a F2F meeting in Europe in the second half of 
January 2013. To ease this Winter travel, IAB will try to find a 
location in southern Europe. But it may be well Brussels or even 
combined with the WG F2F on the East Coast. This is still a matter 
of discussion and I would like to get your feedback on preferred 
locations (also accessible and cheap for US travellers as we have 
more people from the US in the TF than I expected. 

The more we distribute the work, the faster we can reach our goals 
and dismantle the Task Force. 

I would expect the advertisement industry to suggest a text with a 
list of data that they normally collect for OBA and/or market 
research. If it is large, we can work with an annex

This said, I hope for a good and friendly cooperation. We need to be 
intelligent, creative and open to compromise. If we manage to get 
the EU consent mechanism without an additional normative document, 
we have really achieved something. 

 Rigo Wenning
 W3C Privacy Activity Lead
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