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Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 21:01:10 +0000
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@@ -806,6 +806,27 @@
 <p>Outside of Security and Frequency Capping, data retained for Permitted Uses MUST NOT be used to alter a specific user's online experience based on multi-site activity.</p>
+<section id="no-persistent-identifiers">
+<h5>No Persistent Identifiers</h5>
+<p class="option">A third party may only collect, use, and retain for permitted uses
+information that a user agent necessarily shares with a web server when it communicates
+with the web server (e.g. IP address and User-Agent), and the URL of the top-level page,
+communicated via a Referer header or other means, unless the URL contains information
+that is not unlinkable (e.g. a username or user ID).</br></br>A third party may not
+collect, use, or retain information that a web server could cause to not be sent but
+still be able to communicate with the user agent (e.g. a cookie or a Request-URI
+parameter generated by the user agent), except the URL of the top-level page, or any data
+added by a network intermediary that the operator of a web server has actual knowledge of
+(e.g. a unique device identifier HTTP header).</p>
+<p class="note">The EFF/Mozilla/Stanford proposal is heavily dependent upon a requirement
+that permitted use data is not correlated to a unique cookie or other persistent
+identifier. This issue remains one of the biggest areas of dispute in the working group,
+as the industry proposal allows for the use of cookies and other unique identifiers by
+third parties despite a DNT:1 instruction.</p>
 <p class="issue" data-number="24" title="Possible permitted use for fraud detection and defense"></p>
 <p class="issue" data-number="25" title="Possible permitted use for research purposes"></p>
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