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Test the Web Forward - July Newsletter

From: Rebecca Hauck <rhauck@adobe.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 11:07:04 -0700
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It's been a busy season for Test the Web Forward and we're excited to
let you know what's coming up, how our last event went, and how YOU can
get more involved!

=== Upcoming TestTWF Events ===

-> Test the Web Forward Shanghai (hackathon): August 17-18

TestTWF is headed back to China and making a stop in Shanghai for two days
of W3C test education and hacking - registration is now open!
Visit the event site [1] to register and stay tuned as more speakers and
 experts will be announced there in the coming weeks.

-> Sacramento HTML5 Meetup: August 6, 7PM PDT

 If you're in Northern California, come meet some of TestTWF team and
 learn more about it! We'll be co-presenting with Julee Burdekin of
 WebPlatform.org, who'll be letting you know how you can also contribute
 to web platform docs. See more info on Meetup.com [2]

-> Adobe TechLive (webinar): Aug 8, 10AM PDT, 1PM EDT

Are you still curious about what Test the Web Forward is?  Join us online
and we'll tell you all about it! Learn the history, the goals, and the
 progress of the movement, followed by a short interview and Q & A session.
 Details found at Adobe TechLive [3]

=== Past TestTWF Events - Tokyo Roundup ===

Test the Web Forward Tokyo was a great success, turning out over 700
new tests. Way to go Tokyo!! If you missed it or if you want to see what
dinosaur sushi looks like (yes, really), check out these great write-ups:

"Testing the web" - Oli Studholme (EN) [4]
"Test the Web Forward Report" - @IT (JP) [5]
"TestTWF is finally landed in Tokyo" - Adobe Developer Connection (JP) [6]
"Test the Web Forward Tokyo 2013 report" - Gihyo.jp News (JP) [7]
"Test the Web Forward" - Fumi Yamazaki (JP) [8]
"Test the Web Forward Tokyo!" - Adobe Web Platform Blog (EN) [9]

Video recordings of the tech talks and some other fun footage:

Tech Talks, Day 1 (Jun 7) [10]
Tech Talks, Day 2 (Jun 8) [11]
TestTWF Tokyo Video Montage [12] **

And, the Google+ event page [13]

=== Get Involved ===

Host your own Test the Web Forward event!

If you're a community leader, part of a web-related user, or belong to an
organization that wants to make the Web a Better place, consider hosting an
event of your own or partnering with others in your area to put one on. It
may be a small meetup-style event or a full hackathon like the one we just
had in Tokyo. Either way, we can point you in the right direction.  We're
pleased to announce that for smaller events, a new Meetup Kit [14] is
For assistance in planning larger events, we'll soon be rolling out a full
Event Kit - stay tuned!  If you're interested in hosting, partnering, or
Sponsoring a future event, let us know at public-testtwf-planning@w3.org.

Let's keep making the Web a Better Place!



[1]  http://testthewebforward.org/events/shanghai-2013.html
[2]  http://www.meetup.com/HTML5-in-Sacramento/events/131582702/
[3]  http://goo.gl/MedMvq
[4]  http://the-pastry-box-project.net/oli-studholme/2013-june-26/
[5]  http://www.atmarkit.co.jp/ait/articles/1306/25/news008.html
[6]  http://plus.adobe-adc.jp/post-3208/
[7]  http://gihyo.jp/news/report/2013/06/1701
[8]  http://fumit.blogspot.jp/2013/06/test-web-forward-testtwf.html
[10] http://goo.gl/fQUsDg
[11] http://goo.gl/6bpr8J
[12] http://goo.gl/0g4NFn
[13] https://plus.google.com/events/cbnnd183320n38e6nch0h0gm3gs
[14] http://adobe-webplatform.github.io/testtwf-event-kit/meetup-kit.html

** Special thanks to Akihiro Kamijo at Adobe Japan for producing the
 video montage!
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