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Call for Participation : PM4W Workshop at WWW 2005

From: Lalana Kagal <lkagal1@csee.umbc.edu>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 09:51:28 -0400 (EDT)
To: public-sws-ig@w3.org, www-rdf-interest@w3.org
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************************* CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***********************



                          A WWW2005 Workshop
               14th International World Wide Web Conference
                         Tuesday 10 May 2005
                             Chiba, Japan

In order to realize the full potential of the World Wide Web as an open,
dynamic, and distributed ``universe of network-accessible information'',
it is important for web entities to behave appropriately. Policy
management provides the openness, flexibility, and autonomy required to
regulate this environment as entities can reason over their own policies
and the policies of other entities to decide how to behave. Using policies
allows entities to specify expected behavior of entities they interact
with. Entities can also adapt to increasingly complex requirements without
the need for substantial changes to the structure or implementation
through the use of policies.

Policy management includes policy specification, deployment, reasoning
over policies, updating and maintaining policies, and enforcement. We
propose that policy management is required for the web for (i)
constraining different kinds of behavior including security, privacy,
conversation, and collaboration, (ii) configuration management, (iii)
describing business processes, and (iv) establishing trust and reputation.


    * Policy specification, implementation, and enforcement
    * Dynamic merging of policies
    * Static and dynamic conflict resolution
    * Dynamic policy modification
    * Formal models for policy verification
    * Relationship of trust and reputation to policies
    * Business contracts and rules
    * Case studies for policy management
    * Applicability of XML, RDF and OWL for policy specification
    * Obligation management
    * Policies for access control, privacy, and collaboration
    * Decidability and tractability issues
    * Digital Rights Management policies
    * Policy engineering
    * Enhancing P3P with policies
    * User-oriented policy authoring systems

The PM4W workshop will be held as part of WWW2005 in Chiba, Japan at
Nippon Convention Center (or better known as Makuhari Messe). It
will be held in the conference center, room 205.

Location : Conference Center, Room 205
9.00am                  Welcome
                        Jim Hendler
9.15am                  Invited talk on Transparency
                        Speaker : Daniel Weitzner, W3C
10.30am - 11.00am       Coffee Break
11.00am - 12.30pm       Session One : Conflicts and Conformance

     * Research : Policy Conflict Analysis Using Free Variable
       Tableaux for Access Control in Web Services
       Environments (20 mins)
       Hiroaki Kamoda, Masaki Yamaoka, Shigeyuki Matsuda, Krysia
       Broda, and Morris Sloman

     * Research : Methods for Policy Conflict Detection and
       Resolution in Pervasive Computing Environments (20 mins)
       Evi Syukur, Seng Wai Loke, and Peter Stanski

     * Research : Policy Conformance in the Corporate Blog
       Space (20 mins)
       Robert McArthur, Peter Bruza, and Dawei Song

     * Discussion (30 mins)
12.30pm - 2.00pm        Lunch
2.00pm - 3.30pm         Session Two : Web Services and Policy Management

     * Research : Expressing WS Policies in OWL (20 mins)
       Bijan Parsia, Vladimir Kolovski, and Jim Hendler

     * Position : Predicates for Boolean web service policy
       languages (10 mins)
       Anne Anderson
     * Research : Policy-based Access Control for Task Computing Using
       Rei (20 mins)
       Ryusuke Masuoka, Mohinder Chorpa, Zhexuan Song, Yannis Labrou,
       Lalana Kagal, and Tim Finin

     * Position : Policy Management and Web Services (10 mins)
       Tim Gleason, Kevin Minder, and Greg Pavlik

     * Discussion (30 mins)
3.30pm - 4.00pm         Coffee Break
4.00pm - 5.30pm         Session Three : Policy Representation

     * Position : Representing Security Policies in Web
       Information Systems (10 mins)
       Felix J. Garcia Clemente, Gregorio Martinez Perez, Juan A.
       Botia Blaya, and Antonio F. Gomez Skarmeta

     * Research : Describing the P3P base data schema using
       OWL (20 mins)
       Giles Hogben

     * Position : RDF Query for Policy Management (10 mins)
       Eric Prud`hommeaux

     * Position : Application Report : An extensible policy editing API
       for privacy and identity management policies (10 mins)
       Giles Hogben

     * Position : Policy based Access Control for a RDF Store (10 mins)
       Pavan Reddivari, Tim Finin, and Anupam Joshi

     * Discussion (30 mins)
5.30pm                  White paper to sum up results of the workshop
                        Closing Remarks

Technical papers available online at http://cs.umbc.edu/pm4w/program.html

The proceedings will be available on a CD at the workshop venue. A pdf
version is available online at http://cs.umbc.edu/pm4w/proceedings.pdf

Tim Finin, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Jim Hendler, University of Maryland College Park
Lalana Kagal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Anne Anderson, Sun Microsystems
Vijay Atluri, Rutgers University
Elisa Bertino, Purdue University
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, IHMC
Dan Connolly, W3C
Naranker Dulay, Imperial College
Tim Finin, UMBC
Jim Hendler, UMCP
Maryann Hondo, IBM
Benjamin Grosof, MIT
Anupam Joshi, UMBC
Lalana Kagal, MIT
Jonathan Moffett, University of York
Wolfgang Nejdl, L3S and University of Hannover
Bijan Parsia, UMCP
Filip Perich, Cougaar Software
Stefan Poslad, Queen Mary University of London
Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C
Norman Sadeh, CMU
Kent Seamons, BYU
Marek Sergot, Imperial College
Katia Sycara, CMU
Dinesh Verma, IBM TJ Watson
William Winsborough, GMU
Marianne Winslett, UIUC

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