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Service Discovery

From: Jyotishman Pathak <jyotishman@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 09:58:05 -0600
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I am a beginner with the SWS technologies and have been doing some
reading about the service discovery mechanims, mostly focussing on the
OWL-s approach.

What I can decipher is that, the "profile" (which is used by the
service provider to describe the capabilities & service requestor to
specify the request) forms an important part for the service discovery
mechanism. Based on this, I have a couple of questions: --

1.) Do we assume that the service requestor and the provider use the
same ontology to describe the IOPE's ?

2.) If yes, then do we achieve "real" interoperability ? I think we
are constraining ourselves as it is unrealistic for requestors &
providers to have the same/shared ontologies.

3.) If no, can you give me an example of a service request &
advertisement which uses different ontologies ?

4.) I believe the WSMO approach tries to address few things about
mediation between ontologies. Should we do something like this for
OWL-s too ?

It might be possible that my questions are naive and infact may be
wrong too. But, I will really appreciate some feedback on these

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