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semantic publish sub_scribe web services

From: Stefan Lischke <lischke@novacom.net>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 20:30:08 +0100 (MET)
Message-Id: <200411161930.iAGJU8LR011551@ender.inria.fr>
To: public-sws-ig@w3.org

[please avoid using the word "subscribe" in a Subject, the mailing list
engine gets confused. thx -- carine]

hi sws-ig,

I'm new to this ig(invited by carine) and want to introduce myself.
My name ist Stefan Lischke, i'm currently writing my diploma about 
publish/subscribe web services[1]. My hobbies are OpenSource and Topic 
Maps, i'm member of TMAPI[2] (common topic map API) working group and 
also provide my own topic map engine tinyTIM[3]

I just merged the topics of my diploma and my hobby and did a blog entry 
proposing a "semantic publish subscribe web services".


I know it is not exactly the thing you all work on (providing semantic 
information about web services to do ws composition/lookup)  but maybe 
you can take a look and discuss some ideas of your own.

thanx for any input and discussion


[2] http://www.tmapi.org
[3] http://tinytim.sourceforge.net

My place : http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~lischke
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