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RE: Regarding the tools for OWL-S

From: Jun Shen <jshen@it.swin.edu.au>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 16:04:17 +1000
To: "'David Martin'" <martin@AI.SRI.COM>, 'Ola Wahlström' <olawa989@student.liu.se>
Cc: "'public-sws-ig'" <public-sws-ig@w3.org>
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First link should be:


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Ola -

I have just added two new tools to this page:

In addition to those tools, there are also about 5 OWL-S tools listed here:


including the Protege OWL-S Editor that is currently under development 
at SRI, in collaboration with Daniel Elenius of Linköping University.

Good luck with your paper.  Please feel free to post a link to your 
paper when it is finished; I'm sure there are a number of readers who 
will find it interesting.

David Martin

Ola Wahlström wrote:

> HI!
> I'm writing a paper about OWL-S for the Darmstadt Univeristy in Germany and am
trying to evaluate the tools recomended on your web site. There are 5 tools
under the given URL and I found all of them very 
> interesting (2 x converting/mapping tools, 2 x composers, and one 
> match-maker). I haven't found any other tool, especially regarding
manipulation (i.e. creating, parsing, querying, and inferencing) of OWL-S/DAML-S
modellings aru you relying on pure OWL tools for this purpose and if yes, then i
would like to know, which one you're using.
> I would apprciate a quick answer if possible, deadline coming up =)
> Thanks
> Regards
> Ola Wahlström
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