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Fw: maps/classifications of knowledge, information, computer & communication sciences

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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:25:03 -0800 (PST)
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By definition the scope of semantic web technologies is all information and data on the web that can be processed.

The email I sent earlier to the public-lod and semantic-web lists is of importance. 

Correct me if I am simplifying as a mathematician thinking out loud, but in essence we are dealing with (1) information/data, types of knowledge and fields of science, (2) types of automated and intelligent processes software etc. at the user, server, net and cloud levels, (3) types of users (4) intentions of users, (5) intended uses matching, (6) collaborative processing and other human-human interactions, (7) human-machine interfacing.

I think items (1) and (2) are pretty much standard fare for IT specialists dealing with linked data and semantic technologies, (3) through (7) take us into the field of human intelligence, cognitive science and modeling of intelligence.

We should start out finding a starting point by reaching a consensus how we define the basic diagram incorporating all of the relevant elements out of those mentioned above.

Again the exsum_sopps_sopps2008_poster.pdf is a useful starting point to get a quick grasp of the overall field of variables.

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From: ProjectParadigm-ICT-Program <metadataportals@yahoo.com>
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Subject: maps/classifications of knowledge, information, computer & communication sciences

I am looking for subject classifications and or maps of the broad field of knowledge, information, computer and communication sciences/technologies and the related fields of biology, psychology and linguistics (bio-computing, human computer interfaces, cognitive sciences etc.)

For mathematics such maps and classifications exist (http://msc2010.org/Default.html).

For semantic technologies a poster exists: exsum_sopps_sopps2008_poster.pdf

Any (partial) subject classifications or map generating organizations known to produce these or standardize these?

This broad landscape of interrelated sciences and technologies is in dire need of mapping and subject classification.

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