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User Model Set

From: Paola Di Maio <paola.dimaio@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 19:39:23 +0000
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I have not written this up, but intend to :-)
Here some thoughts to start with, for consideration and discussion



 wikipedia  says that :

A user model represents a collection of personal data associated with a
specific user.

I disagree. A user model for me can be described, perhaps, as:
A user model represents a collection of personal data associated with
different user profiles, characterizing similarities and differences
between types of users.

Perhaps I ll call that 'user Model Set', to distinguish it from the
wikipedia definition

Essentially, my definition recognizes that there are different types of
for example:

a contant management system (such as drupal) may have the following types
of users

- authenticated
- non auth
- administrator
- administrator/developer
- master of the system

the list can go on
(Please note, have not yet published the paper)


Another way of looking at the user is building a 'task model'
for each user (what are the typical functions each uses has to carry out
with the system)
then, the interface is built to facilitate that

Each task, requires some knowledge to be carried out in
'cognitive engineering', we design what the user needs to know
and make sure the knowledge is avaiable and appropriately structured-

I gather a basic set of semantic capabilities here (Last page -source
projext X)

I first would like to 'normalise' the set, to reduce duplicates and

I then define user tasks for each capability

then for each taks a build a task model, and for each an interface
the required function, and the required knowledge to carry out such
function, is outline

Critiques? Objections?

Other resources:



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