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Re: Business Presentation - whats the license?

From: Leo Sauermann <leo.sauermann@dfki.de>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 14:22:31 +0100
Message-ID: <47EA4E17.4020607@dfki.de>
To: jeff.pollock@oracle.com
CC: 'Susie M Stephens' <STEPHENS_SUSIE_M@LILLY.COM>, 'Ivan Herman' <ivan@w3.org>, public-sweo-ig@w3.org

Hi Jeff,

I wasn't able to follow the business slide work in detail as of my 
concentrating on coolness of uris,
so I may have missed the answer to the followign question:

Can I use part of your slides in my presentations?
for example the presentation of "Business Applications of Semantic Web" 
I am going to give in Stavanger Semantic Web days this year? (in a few 



It was Jeff Pollock who said at the right time 24.03.2008 15:44 the 
following words:
> Hi Susie & Ivan-
> I have made another iteration with the slides and am attaching a PPT and PDF
> format for your review.  (attached)
> I apologize in advance if there are any formatting inconsistencies with Open
> Office.
> Most of the comments you made below were changed in the PPT, the only one I
> didn't think was a good fit was Comment # 2 on Slide 2, I felt that the
> other points there were (a) at a higher business abstraction and (b)
> supported with other commentary later in the deck.
> I look forward to your suggested next steps!
> Best, -Jeff-
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> Subject: Business Presentation
> Hi Jeff,
> You've done a great job of putting these slides together. :-)
> I have a few comments that directly relate to individual slides:
> Slide 1. SWEO is an 'Interest Group' rather than a 'Working Group'. I'm not
> convinced that we need 'Intended for Buyers and Technology Approvers of
> Enterprise Software Solutions'. When Ivan converts the material to his
> template, we could include the Semantic Web logo on the first slide.
> Slide 2. You could add that the Semantic Web also has the capability to
> change how you interact with or visualize data.
> Slide 3: Maybe the last bullet could be split into 2. That way you'd have a
> shorter bullet, and wouldn't need the periods.
> Slide 5. The 'to' isn't needed in the title for the slide. Should you also
> mention the ability to share data in this slide?
> Slide 7. I'm not convinced that 'simplicity' is a 'capability'. Perhaps it
> could have its own bullet? I'd prefer it if you are more explicit as to the
> sort of 'management' that you mean?
> Slide 12 is inconsistent in having a period at the end of one of the
> bullets.
> There are a few formatting inconsistencies. E.g. the words in bullets are
> capitalized in some slides but not others. Some bullets start with lower
> case letters, and others are capitalized. Many of the titles of the slides
> are questions, but only some of the titles have question marks.
> You reference 'Relational DBs' on slide 3, yet 'RDBMS' on slide 9.
> It seems that the slides finish rather abruptly. Could you add a conclusion
> slide? Another option would be to move slide 4 (Your Call to Action) to
> just before the citations slide.
> You were asking for suggestions for images. The only one that is springing
> to mind is the web of data image that we used in the brochure. You can take
> a look at it at:
> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/TaskForces/Collateral_Material_%28Semantic_We
> b_Flyer%29
> I would like it if we could somehow bring out the important of the Semantic
> Web to data integration a bit more. Could we emphasize or include some of
> these points?
> - Maximize the value of information
> - Information sharing with ultimate flexibility
> - Greater level of future-proofing and re-use
> - Data isn't trapped within individual applications
> My final thought is that it'd be good if we could make the point that you
> can incrementally move to the Semantic Web rather than needing to throw
> everything out and starting again. Do you think you could somehow include
> that message?
> Thanks for all of your help with this.
> Cheers,
> Susie

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