Semantic Web Education and Outreach

21 Mar 2007


Present (from IRC Roster)
Alistair Duke, Dunitschka, LeeF, RRSAgent, Zakim, bengee, ivan, kidehen, kjetilk, leobard, uldis, wing
Alistair Duke


Community Project

Kjetil - This is ticking along OK.

Information Gathering

Leo - Focussing on data format for sharing amongst providers Will take any data available. Formats on wiki page – need to finish / stable. Propose to Info Gathering task force to make ‘How-to’ . Plan is for portal to show syndicated data. Need to think more about ideas before going to group

Kingsly – sent links to demos of views of data. Data in triple store available by SPARQL queries. As long as the data is in RDF or perhaps RSS or ATOM we can produce triples. Links added to IRC.

Leo - Next step is to make system allowing people to syndicate data. This should get around the legal problem

Kingsly – should be no problem if the data is already on the web.

Leo – Can not take data from IMDB

Ivan – Need to discuss with legal people. It’s not that simple. By creating RDF data you may breach some rights.

ACTION: Leo to write down issue and forward to Ivan who will send to legal people in W3C. [recorded in #action01]

Leo – push responsibility to providers – i.e. ensure data is available as ‘Creative Commons’.

Susie – Lets resolve both approaches.

Leo – Do we need to remodel wiki pages to help users? Who could build page? Will target people who had signed up to help

Kingsly – Will modify when I next look at it. So should everybody else – it’s a living document. If you put a tag against How-To then I and others can contribute.

ACTION: Leo to add tag and Kingsly to update by next week’s call. [recorded in #action02]

Enterprise Survey

Wing – Talked to Karen, tidied up results. Divided results according to industry and role or responee. Sent to Karen. She’s picking final results. Data collection is finished. 1st draft will be available by next meeting.

Use Cases

Susie – Encouraging people to do use cases. One from Oracle on website and use of Siderean. Univ. Texas and Ordnance Survey have submitted. Draft from Frank Chum at Chevron – seeking approval from Chevron, final version from next week. Progress from Boeing.

Ivan – making use cases available in HTML in common format. Not yet ready do distribute until OK received from submitters. Which ones are use cases and which are case studies? – Oracle, OS and Texas are deployed hence case studies. BT and Agfa are not deployed hence use cases. Segala – not sure where the word file is. Susie has provided comments on a version. Agreement received on Oracle, OS and BT (almost). Also tried to contact Data Consulting Services (India), Pfizer and UNFAO who all use SW approach.

Susie – Status on use case wiki page (http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/sweo/public/UseCases/) Ted Slater from Pfizer (different group from Giles Day) but said it was too early.

Ivan – Giles said yes and had approval. Need to decide when to go live. Probably when we get to 10-12 use cases.

Susie – one from Environmental Protection Agency is possible.

ESTC – Collateral

Dunja – Set up Wiki page. Idea of booklet, 20 pages. Prices on page.

Ivan – 20 pages is a lot to do well between now and June. I was thinking 2-3 pages. Who would pay the 4000 euro?

Dunja – What information should be included in a flyer?

Ivan – Should have pointers to FAQ. W3C team have produced fliers on Web Services. Could send these as examples of what’s been done - shows the level of information required.

Susie – could point to community projects if these are written up.

ACTION: Kjetil to request cps to write up [recorded in #action03]

Ivan – need to go through W3C approval process

Dunja – Could we use wiki page to pool content for flier since away for next three weeks?

Ivan – we should get feedback from comms team first – hopefully before Dunja leaves. Will send feedback to whole mailing list.

ACTION: Dunja to update wiki page before Ivan sends to comms team [recorded in #action04]

Dunja – Flyer will cost 400-600 Euro.


Benjamin - Created variation based on feedback. Similar to shape of RDF logo. This is posted on public wiki area. Feedback was to make it less like a button. No 4 was liked so created no 6. Nos. 7 and 8 are lighter. No one version that everyone likes http://esw.w3.org/topic/SweoIG/Misc/LogoIdeas

Ivan – We could get input from outsiders. Can send to W3C communication team. Likes no.6


Susie – Danny Ayers is reviewing FAQ. Susie to chase. Feedback only from 1-2 people. Need more.

Susie – Face to face. Registration web page is available. Only 2 people are currently signed up. Please register even if unavailable.

Kjetil – Joining Computas but will stay in SWEO.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Leo to write down issue and forward to Ivan who will send to legal people in W3C [recorded in #action01]

[NEW] ACTION: Leo to add tag and Kingsly to update by next week’s call [recorded in #action02]

[NEW] ACTION: Kjetil to request cps to write up [recorded in #action03]

[NEW] ACTION: Dunja to update wiki page before Ivan sends to comms team [recorded in #action04]

[End of minutes]