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RE: data integration - how to make a portal

From: Danny Ayers <Danny.Ayers@talis.com>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 12:05:47 +0100
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> In fact: I wonder whether this outlook couldn't/shouldn't be 
> combined with some sort of an exhibit type outlook (faceted 
> stuff, that is). Ie, I could click on OWL, on, say, book, and 
> some other stuff to get to a specific book quickly....
> The problem with exhibit is that it does not work really work 
> with RDF data yet in the sense that one cannot easily combine 
> it with dynamic data (essentially sparql queries)....

But Longwell can!

I've only personally tried the simplest configuration, which really is
simple, it works pretty much out of the box. Drop some RDF/XML files in
a particular directory and fire it up, voila, facetted browsing. For the
portal app I imagine what would be required would be to hook its Sesame
store to some kind of datasource management layer. 

I believe there are already quite a few customised views of e.g. typed
resources available, if anything else was needed I'm willing to bet the
SIMILE folks would be happy to help out.


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