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Reminder: Feedback for the flyer

From: Dunja Ewinger <de@webxcerpt.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 16:58:04 +0200
Message-ID: <46924CFC.3070207@webxcerpt.com>
To: W3C SWEO IG <public-sweo-ig@w3.org>

Dear SWEOs,

only a very few of the group replied to that email I sent last week. 
Therefore I would like to ask you once more to answer the questions 
below. In my opinion it is quite important to come to decisions, which 
all of us can live with.
If you have already filled out the survey, please ignore this email.

Best regards,

Dear SWEOs,

first of all: thank you all for the feedback and input you have given to 
the flyer. I discussed them all with Paula and we came to the conclusion 
that we got enough comments to finalize the flyer pretty soon. To do so 
we would require some decisions on issues, listed below.

Please tell us your opinion no later than the *10th of July* (Tuesday). 
We will than present the "least common denominator" at the telcon in 
order to move quickly to the finalization.

Thanks for your support

Best regards,

*1. **Type of flyer (technical, non-technical, a mixture)*

What do we want? Jeffrey has been so kind to list the options. Please 
vote with -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), or +1 (positive).

a. It might be worth while to product two flyers, one for the technical 
side, one for the non-technical side. Each of the two flyers should be 
visually similar to the other. They could have similar layout, but from 
a distance be different, say, by background color. Only upon reading 
them would you see that one would have the specialist content, the other 
would address the average person.

b. Maybe the 1st page or 2 could be the 'executive summary', followed by 
gory, geeky details.

c. As you see with multiple languages sometimes -- have it printed on 2 
sides. One side is the overview, the other (which is sometimes printed 
upside down to distinguish it) be the technical info.

*2. Title page*

Which draft do you prefer?

Please note: The grid will be removed or modified and the slogan "Data 
unleashed" will be included by the designer.

*3. Page 2

*We have 2 options for the second page: either a "hot story" or a 
general statement. Please vote with -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), or +1 

a. "hot story" - please see Lee's version (which is also the latest) 

The idea here is to "catch" people by giving them a good story that 
shows that the Semantic Web can solve problems and makes life easier. 
The story needed to be on a general (every-day-life) level to address 

b. a simple statement underneath the title question "What is the 
Semantic Web" similar to the definitions on the W3C activity page 
(http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/) <http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/:>

Ann and Leo gave some good input on that. We are currently working on a 
suitable text based on these ideas.

*4. Page 3*

Title: Web of data.
Currently we have 3 diagrams on Data Integration. All of them would need 
to be improved by the designer:

Which one is the most suitable, so to say the one that expresses most 
the "Web of Data"- aspect? Please vote with -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), 
or +1 (positive).

We have 2 kinds of additional information to the image. Which one do you 
like more? Please vote with -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), or +1 (positive)

a. A Web of connected knowledge bases.
Contextualize the use of data by using ontologies.
Retrieval of information through a unified query interface,
... regardless how and where data is stored.
Reasoning with data and offering different views over the data.

b. An extension of the current web
…it is based on XML,
and standardizes how you can publish and access information.
Your existing data sources, web content management, intranet systems or 
database systems, can be connected based on web technology and RDF.
This reduces integration costs and simplifies the IT landscape, like the 
RSS success story has already shown.

Additionally to the image we have the testimonials and other application 

*5. Page 4

*Do you think it would be good to put in the Semantic Web layer cake 
including the definitions?
Please vote with -1 (negative), 0 (neutral), or +1 (positive).


**Do you have anything to add (comments, use case…)?

Dunja Ewinger

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