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More on Proposed SW Flyers

From: Schiffel, Jeffrey A <jeffrey.a.schiffel@boeing.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 11:32:56 -0500
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In the emails and telecons among the SWEO members, I believe I've heard
two viewpoints about the flyer. One leans toward the technical side, the
other toward a non-technical flyer.

It might be worth while to product two flyers, one for each viewpoint. I
have heard mention several ways to go about this.

1. Each of the two flyers should be visually similar to the other. They
could have similar layout, but from a distance be different, say, by
background color. Only upon reading them would you see that one would
have the specialist content, the other would address the average person.
I've seen this sort of thing done before.

2. Maybe the 1st page or 2 could be the 'executive summary', followed by
gory, geeky details. 

3. As you see with multiple languages sometimes -- have it printed on 2
sides. One side is the overview, the other (which is sometimes printed
upside down to distinguish it) be the technical info.

(Thanks to Ann and Ivan for suggestions on the notion of two flyers).

Jeffrey Schiffel
The Boeing Company - IDS Wichita
System of Systems Engineering
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