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Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 08:12:40 -0000
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There are 2 conferences in Austria in late May/early June: ESTC07 is in Vienna May 31 - June 1, 2007 (business conference looking at application of semantic technology - estc2007.org) and ESWC06 (more academic conference eswc2007.org) 3-7th, June in Innsbruck.
So co-location at one of those events might be an efficient way to do things if so,e people were planning to attend them?
Otherwise, I would of course be happy with London(!) BT can probably provide a venue if that helps.


De: public-sweo-ig-request@w3.org de la part de Susie Stephens
Date: mer. 24/01/2007 19:11
Objet : SWEO F2F

We need to make plans as to when and where we will hold the next SWEO
F2F. I think it'd be good if we could hold the meeting in Europe, as the
last one was in the US. Please could you let me know which of the
following options would work for you.

[  ] April 19/20 -  Stavanger, Norway
[  ] April 19/20 - London, UK
[  ] April 19/20 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
[  ] June 7/8 - Innsbruck, Austria
[  ] June 7/8 - London, UK
[  ] June 7/8 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If none of the options work, please could you let me know why. Please
could you also email me directly, and I will compile the results for
everyone to see.


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