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RE: Semantic Web Activity page use case

From: Paul Walsh, Segala <paulwalsh@segala.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 16:33:59 -0000
To: "'Ivan Herman'" <ivan@w3.org>
Cc: <kidehen@openlinksw.com>, <public-sweo-ig@w3.org>
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From: Ivan Herman [mailto:ivan@w3.org] 
Sent: 09 February 2007 13:08

> [PW] This is very good to know. David is going to propose 2 projects;
> contentlabel.org to create new codes of conduct using POWDER (feel free to
> hit me every time I say Content Labels on this list ;))
> The second will be for Browser extensions/plug-ins to demonstrate how
> (and other Semantic stuff) can benefit end users. This is where your
> is useful. At present searchthresher.com is not Segala branded as we
> to get something up very quickly. However we're going to launch a new site
> and pull the extension in with it. I won't waste time doing this if I
> there's a strong possibility of getting this onto the project list.
> Likewise, I don't want to pull the blog down if it's not going to make it
> onto the list.
> I'm more than happy to have the extension branded with the same brand as I
> intend to create for POWDER/Content Labels.

There is a difference between projects done by member of an IG/WG on
behalf of the IG/WG and what goes on the 'central' Web pages like the
activity page. The latter would/could reflect a strong backing of W3C as
an organization, and that is what I try to avoid. For those pages, I
would be probably more catholic than the pope:-)

[PW] Not sure I get what you're saying exactly Ivan :) contentlabel.org
isn't a W3C project, nor is the extension building to ready Content
Labels/POWDER. Is this a good thing?
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