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Re: Micromodels.org

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 13:59:47 -0500
Message-ID: <45C77EA3.30100@openlinksw.com>
CC: public-sweo-ig@w3.org, Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>

Danny Ayers wrote:
> On 05/02/07, Benjamin Nowack <bnowack@appmosphere.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just a short note that DanC recently started to move away from
>> the micromodels naming a little, at least as far as GRDDL is
>> concerned [1].
> As I understand it, Dan feels "micromodels" is too easily associated
> with microformats [2]:
> [[
> I don't want comparisons like "it's just like microformats but..."
> ]]
> I'm afraid I was (am) responsible for micromodels.org. There didn't
> appear to be a list of transformations from domain-specific XML to
> RDF(/XML) anywhere, it seemed worth collating them, and the collection
> needed a name...  (I wasn't aware of RDFizers [3], there's also now
> ConverterToRdf [4])
micromodels.org and the micromodels concept are absolutely fine by me.

I think we need to inject the power of RDF into the microformats world 
without getting them slightly distracted by "RDF". Thus, positioning 
micromodels as data models for microformats will work (even though we 
know this is all about a vehicle for projecting data in microformats 
form via the RDF Model using GRDDL).

The most important issue (IMHO) is to create a forum for demonstrating 
the power of RDF without implicitly generating distractions or 
instinctive "push-backs" etc..
> The comparison with microformats as suggested by the coinage was
> intentional : "it's just like microformats but...at the model level".

> I felt the buzzword might seem more palatable to folks outside the RDF
> community than a stack of acronyms, especially the microformats
> community whose output has the potential to be a significant
> contribution to the Semantic Web (<span class="grumble">if only they'd
> sort out some more profile URIs</span>). I believed there was a clear
> parallel between expressing domain-specific data in a common format
> (HTML) and expressing it in a common model (RDF).  So I snagged the
> domain name, pointed it to the Wiki page in lieu of something more
> appealing...
Of course.

> Anyhow, the buzzword produced virtually no buzz and I'm not
> particularly attached to it - if Dan prefers to use the
> CustomRdfDialects page to carry the same information, so be it. (I'm
> contemplating refactoring the micromodels.org URI space to point to
> live converters).

Please re-attach :-) This is a powerful moniker for bridging 
Microformats and the Semantic Web.
> Incidentally, a page on the microformats Wiki that did seem to produce
> an affirmative response from that community was "Microformat FAQs for
> RDF Fans" [5] . The intended purpose was exactly as the title
> suggests, but there was an unexpected side effect : presenting a
> positive view of microformats aimed at RDF people seemed to help
> bypass the notion that RDF was somehow a competing technology. Might
> be a useful strategy elsewhere.

Yes, hence my position re. sticking with this theme.

> Oh, and if I understood correctly, then DERI has
>> started working on a best practice site for RDF vocabularies
>> which is planned to follow the microformats blog+wiki approach.
> Cool. I can imagine it working very well for vocabs like SIOC, where
> there is a core team to look after direction, maintenance & promotion
> (as there is for microformats). Would be interesting to see what it's
> like in other cases.

Let's look towards micromodels.org as the central point for this meshing 
of the microformats and semweb realms if we cannot simply build bridge 
links (MicroModels wikiword) within the existing microformats.org wiki.

> Cheers,
> Danny.
>> [1] http://esw.w3.org/topic/CustomRdfDialects
> [2] http://chatlogs.planetrdf.com/swig/2007-01-31.html#T18-58-10
> [3] http://simile.mit.edu/RDFizers/
> [4] http://esw.w3.org/topic/ConverterToRdf
> [5] http://microformats.org/wiki/faqs-for-rdf



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