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RE: Information gathering

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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:40:20 -0000
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I lead the SEKT European collaborative project (www.sekt-project.com)
and we have created a couple of sites that may be of interest in this

http://seminars.ijs.si/sekt/training/ - multimedia training and tutorial
website for IT professionals and the academic community 

http://www.keapro.net/sekt/ - intended for decision makers and IT
managers, to enable them to assess the potential business value of
semantic knowledge technology 

There is also a *very* high level Flash demonstrator to how semantic
technology might be used in the finance sector at

John Davies.
PS Will send an introduction email soon...

Dr John Davies
Next Generation Web Research
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Subject: Information gathering

Dear all,

one of the actions we decided to have at the f2f in Burlington is to
collect information about the various resources on tool, books,
tutorials, etc. to decide whether there is some actions we have to take
(or not!) in this space. I took a first step in that: I began to gather
some info on a wiki page:


It would be nice if you could help in completing this page with all the
info you have. Once it is more complete, we can have some brainstorm on
what we should really do in this space...

I took the liberty of naming this as an 'InfoGathering' task force,
although I am not sure it is a task force on its own right...



P.S. My regrets for the upcoming telco. I leave for Tokyo in about two
hours for a W3C AC meeting...


Ivan Herman, W3C Semantic Web Activity Lead
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