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Re: RDF resource list in RDF

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 13:06:25 +0100
Message-ID: <45619A41.2020207@w3.org>
To: "Paul Walsh, Segala" <paulwalsh@segala.com>
Cc: 'Danny Ayers' <danny.ayers@gmail.com>, public-sweo-ig@w3.org
Hi Paul,

Paul Walsh, Segala wrote:
> In response to previous emails/meeting.
> F2F looks like it was productive - especially with the amount of tasks Susie
> received ;)
> Regarding tasks/responsibilities; 
> Either David's comments weren't captured in the minutes entirely, or he
> forgot to mention that Segala doesn't just provide Content Labelling for
> Accessibility. We are also building a system to make Content Labelling
> easier for other Trust providers to adopt quickly and cheaply. Mass adoption
> is what we're after. I think this is important to note because Content
> Labelling is a current W3C initiative about to move onto a full
> recommendation track in order to replace PICS - current method of filtering
> adopted by IE.

thanks for the additional data about Segala. Does this mean that you
will also participate in the Content Labelling group if it gets off the
ground? (I'd think so...)

> I'd like to take on the responsibility of managing the relationship/bridging
> the gap between the SWEO and Web 2.0 communities. 


>                                                     Ivan, to get this started;
> can you please ask TimBL if he will do some interviews? I can set them up
> for the main Web 2.0 commentators (I've already been approached!). I think
> this will be a great 'start' for the outreach. I'm doing some interviews but
> feel TimBL (for some strange reason) will draw in the crowds a little better
> than me :) 

Knowing the incredibly busy schedule of Tim, this may prove to be quite
difficult. In any case, you will have to contact Amy (amy@w3.org), she
has the full power on Tim's schedule; such request should be sent to
w3t-pr@w3.org, too. The only influence I would have on this if we make
it very clear *why* we need this, for what purpose in SWEO. I would
propose to discuss this a bit more (on the telco, for example) before we
engage into that...

> Doing interviews with the Web 2.0 community is the best start IMHO - getting
> the immediate attention of more than a few hundred thousand qualified
> people, a lot of whom blog themselves, will be much more 'engaging' than
> speaking to a traditional print publication. The traditional publications
> will pick up from these guys anyway...

We has some discussion on that at the f2f, in what we referred to as
'questionnaire', and we did identify some people to talk to. Do you
think here of a more 'formal' interview, like with a reporter?

> I would still like the group to focus more on the Semantic Web and not RDF.
> This group is supposed to be focused on education and outreach. RDF is an
> 'enabler'. If I was to setup an outreach programme to increase the amount of
> retailers on the high street in order to stimulate more spend, I'm not going
> to teach people how to build a shop using the most appropriate and durable
> brick.


> So, again, what is the Semantic Web going to do that will make a true
> difference to the Web? I'm extremely passionate about the SW (a_n_d the
> power of RDF) and my company strategy is actually based on it (although our
> site paints 10% of the picture). 
> I'd like us to focus on the social stuff; how will the SW effect
> 'Search/Findability', 'Trust', 'Relevance'... - all the things that
> techies/grannies care about. I know RDF underpins all of this, but let's
> start from scratch. Talking about RDF from the start will get us into the
> usual debate without actually highlighting the good things we want to
> achieve. 

I think I understand what you say. The slight worry I have, though (but
that may be only me) that we would divert into some sort of a very
general (though fascinating!) discussion on the future of the Web and
the Universe in general, and we have to set some limits to ourselves...

> I'm very sorry if I appear to be preaching, it's not my intention to do

Don't be!

> this. I'm just trying to bring my slant. We've all got something to bring,
> so don't think for a second that I feel I 'have the answer'! :) 
> I'm very much in favour of talking about RDF so I apologise if I appear to
> be hampering useful discussion in this area. I'd like to see a focused
> discussion that separates the problem/resolution (the SW) from the 'how'
> (RDF).



> Cheers
> Paul
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> Subject: Re: RDF resource list in RDF
> Danny Ayers wrote:
>>It would be nice to make RDF from some of the other resource lists,
> Does anyody knows how to do that with moin-moin wiki pages? The tool
> list on the wiki
> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SemanticWebTools
> relies, well, on moin-moin. B.t.w., we are looking at the Semantic Wiki
> Media with Wing, but I am not sure it is already in production quality.
> If it was, and we had it installed somewhere, a one time pain would be
> to convert these things to media wiki with annotations, and we would get
> the RDF data for free...
> [Using the wiki for such list is my favourite. Since the various tool
> list on the W3C site have been collected and moved there, numeruous
> updates just came it via the community help. And that is great]
> I.
>>but more fun would be to run a crawler/scutter over the URIs in the
>>RDF, to see if there were DOAP or FOAF files nearby to fill out the
>>data some more.


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