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SKOS implementation within FAO

From: Sini, Margherita (KCEW) <Margherita.Sini@fao.org>
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009 06:10:58 +0100
To: public-swd-wg@w3.org
Message-id: <BA453B6B6B217B4D95AF12DBA0BFB669029DB914@hqgiex01.fao.org>
Dear all,
I  wish to report on some implementation of SKOS that FAO is working/planning
1) In the new AGROVOC maintenance tool, called the AGROVOC Concept Server
Workbench (WB), there will be an SKOS export.
The WB system manages agrovoc and other KOS systems in a form of a triple
Not sure if we also have a SKOS import... we have few resources and limited
time, so our priority is the export in SKOS.
This will allow users to export the full or part of the available concept
server modules.
The system gives also access to data via webservices, and we plan to make a
web service exposing data in SKOS format.
2) We generally use the SKOS version of terminologies for mapping purpose.
This will allow to have a unique standardized representation of the 2
terminologies. Soon we will start an AGROVOC - CABI mapping and we plan to
use SKOS format.
3) We will plan to develop web services accessing a generic SKOS file. Doing
so we may build applications able to connect to any terminology or thesaurus
represented in those format.
I will give updates when developments are more advanced.
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