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Re: [SKOS] Mapping tags to things

From: Daniel Rubin <dlrubin@stanford.edu>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 04:11:58 -0800
Message-Id: <>
To: Kjetil Kjernsmo <kjetilk@opera.com>,SWD WG <public-swd-wg@w3.org>

Thanks for announcing this. I think this is an excellent use case for SKOS.
One question I have for you is how are you currently implemented the 
functionality of people mapping their tags to a term in Wordnet? For 
example, if they their tag is "canine" how do you enable them to find 
"dog"? I didn't notice that why browsing the links below. Also, how 
do you store a wordnet tag such that it refers back to wordnet, and 
would things change much if using SKOS?


At 07:59 AM 3/9/2007, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:

>Hi all!
>I have previously submitted a use case for the issue of mapping a
>concept to something concrete, such as a person, and now I have written
>the code that does it.
>On http://my.opera.com/ I am now allowing people to map their tags to a
>rigid taxonomy, for the time being just Wordnet, but I can stuff
>anything in there, including for example URIs to foaf:Persons.
>I've blogged it at
>My idea is to use SKOS for tags, but add a mapping to something else,
>like a foaf:Person. There are quite a few issues to be resolved,
>especially, I think that the user interface is too complex. But I hope
>the current system gives an idea of how I think this could be used, and
>please feel free to experiment with it. So, I hope this can be a use
>case for SKOS, I will definitely use SKOS there.
>Kjetil Kjernsmo
>Semantic Web Specialist
>Opera Software ASA
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