Hi everyone,
I got a message below from a user who is trying to use SKOS in a project, but is getting tangled in a problem with the FOAF URL to define the NS which is preventing use of SKOS. Any suggestions?


The old FOAF  & SKOS (which creates a FOAF namespace (NS)) URLs are no longer any good.

SKOS has a NEW URL which does appear to work:

However, since SKOS defines a FOAF namespace, you must also have a working FOAF URL to use SKOS.  The W3C FOAF page (which has been updated a bit) does include a FOAF RDF file link:

When you click on this, you get nothing, but when you use 'wget' on the command line you get a nice FOAF RDF file.

Unfortunately, the SKOS file uses the old FOAF URL - http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/ - to define the FOAF NS.  This means unless you download a copy of the SKOS file and hand edit the FOAF NS description to a working FOAF URL, you can't open SKOS or any other RDF or OWL file that either defines a SKOS NS or imports SKOS.