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delayed meeting record for 2004-06-10

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:14:28 -0400
To: public-swbp-wg@w3.org, swick@w3.org
Message-ID: <20040622191428.GA21662@homer.w3.org>

[[ Sorry this slipped off my desk at the time, only just got to it, 
and in a rather minimalistic way. I am suitably embarrassed. ]]

In passing, I might also remind folks that the Vocab Management task force 
scoping meeting also occured last week, with IRC notes from attendees 
in the Web at http://www.w3.org/2004/06/17-swbp-irc.html (thanks Tom 
for chairing). 

From that discussion, key summary points are:

	RESOLVED: we think VM roughly on right track, will refine some more
		before summer, plan full start in fall.

	Attendees: dan, tom, libby, natasha, alistair (IRC only)

June 10 SWBPD WG meeting record


IRC transcript:

Attendees per Zakim:
	Attendees were Ralph, [CWI], Guus, Benjamin, Alistair, Alan,
	Natasha_Noy, jimh, JosD, Brian, Jeremy, DanBri, Libby, Tom_Baker,
	Mike_Uschold, jacco, PatH

Resolutions and Actions

RESOLVED: 2004-05-07 + 2 amendments are a fair record

RESOLVED: start to scope possible 'Vocabulary Management' TF

RESOLVED: Next meeting 2004-06-24  (@@when? no time recorded@@)

  - with regrets for 24 Jun from Guus, DanBri
  - and with kind offers from 
    *Jeremy to scribe*
    *Ralph to chair*

ACTION: Aldo prepare summary of Wordnet proposal doc, and send to
        Christian after review by WG. [1]
ACTION: Guus to revise WD/Note process proposal for Jun24 meeting
ACTION: Ralph add 'Vocabulary Management' to WG home page list of
        Task Forces under discussion to start [3]
ACTION: Ralph get 17 June VOCAB telecon reservation [4]
ACTION: libby, natasha, danbri, al, alan, jim, tom, send
        thoughts/comments re scoping of Vocab management TF work [5]
ACTION: tom send revised notion of prev posting proposing a scope
        for vocab management TF [6]
ACTION: jim to message to list proposing the WORLD TF goes on hold
ACTION: Guus invite at least 1 wordnet domain expert to a July1st
ACTION: guus arrange for telecon for july 1st 1400 UTC 60mins on
        step1 'as is' conversion of Wordnet to RDF/OWL (brian, jjc,guus,
        danbri, ?aldo, ...) [9]
ACTION: ralph to create a dir for the wordnet tf's ongoing work and
        give access to brian, ...
ACTION: jjc try to attent an XML Schema WG telecon [13]

There were also actions for Guus, Natasha, Alan which were captured 
inadequately, regarding techniques doc(s). Raw materials were: 

    [someone got the definitive list of 4?]
    Natasha: will do nary relations, classes as properties
    guus: qual cardinality restritions ... will take action
    alan: i'll do qcr
    guus: i'll do lists of values
    [did i get that right?]
    qcr may go in 2nd bundle
    ...all actioned to propose for publication before next telecon
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