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[OED] FW: Ontology: review of state of the art

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Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 15:53:17 -0700
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Here are two papers that are purported to be very high quality and may
be useful input to the OED group.


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Thank you for telling us about the review that
you and Scott Farrar wrote.  I have only had a
chance to browse through the 200 pages of text,
so I cannot yet provide any detailed comments.
But from what I've seen, it appears to be a
very much needed review, comparison, and critique
of several important approaches to ontology.

This kind of work is a prerequisite for any attempt
to combine or relate ontologies and to provide a
suitable framework for using and developing them.

For the benefit of anyone who has not yet chased
down the references, I have copied the two abstracts
of the available PDF files below with the URLs of
the full documents.

I recommend them to anyone who may be a potential user, developer, or
reviewer of current ontology projects.

John Sowa

Deliverable I1-[OntoSpace]:D1 - General Ontology Baseline

This is a general overview document setting out the basics of ontology
design for Project I1-[OntoSpace] and the SFB. First, a discussion of
the major design parameters is given in order to familiarize SFB-members
with the state of ontological engineering and the issues involved. We
then select several key ontologies for discussion along the lines of the
parameters introduced. We conclude by setting out our starting
assumptions for the ontology designs that will be employed within the
project OntoSpace. These assumptions are also proposals for ontology
design within the SFB as a whole.

Full paper:

Deliverable I1-[OntoSpace]:D2 - Spatial Ontology Baseline

This document discusses the various approaches to representing space
that have been taken in ontology and qualitative spatial representation
and reasoning. The parameters concerning the ontological modelling of
space, both in a general sense and concerning the SFB specifically, are
given. The specific projects discussed
include: SUMO-space, OpenCyc-space, DOLCE-space, BFO-space, and
Geographic systems GIS. Also addressed are spatial calculi including RCC
and more recent region-based proposals. The discussion is summarized in
terms of recommendations for practice and development within the SFB
when embodying spatial representations within ontologies.

Full paper:
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