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Proposed minutes of SWBP-WG telecon 2004-08-05

From: Miles, AJ (Alistair) <A.J.Miles@rl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:45:41 +0100
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Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment WG telecon, 5 August 2004,  
1400 UTC


IRC log:

New Action Summary
ACTION: Ralph link the tutorial page from the home page 
ACTION: ralph & guus to set up straw poll as web form for location of next
ACTION: TomA to add links from last telecon to tutorials page 
ACTION: Alan to respond to guus' document on qualified cardinality
ACTION: TomA get MINDLAB to write description of urchin for APDTF weblog 
ACTION: Ralph to link ADTF blog from WG page 

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe: Alistair Miles


Role call:
Present: David_Wood, Ralph, Guus, bwm, Tom_Baker, Andreas, Alistair,
Tom_Adams, Alan, DanBri, Libby 
Regrets: Ben, Deb, Jacco, Natasha Noy, Gary Ng

Agenda amendments:

None proposed.

PROPOSED: To accept minutes of 22 July.

PROPOSED: Next telecon for 19 august 1800 UTC


ACTION Tom Adams to send SSH 2 key to Ralph. 

ACTION Deb to provide a link to the ontolingua units and measures ontology
by tom gruber.  

ACTION Ralph do an analysis of which WG participants have been able to
attend at which meeting time.  

ACTION David Wood, get back to Rhys Lewis that SWBP&D WG has interest and
will get back to him when we know more. 

ACTION Natasha to send note to SW interest group.  

ACTION Tom Adams to work on tutorial page
<http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/Tutorials.html> .
done (with content to be discussed further)  

NEW ACTION: Ralph link the tutorial page from the home page 

ACTION Brian & Jeremy to join wordnet mailing list. 
done for Brian continued for Jeremy  

ACTION Jeremy to review XSD FNO and SCD documents. 

ACTION Jeremy to add XSD FNO and SCD documents to TF reference list.  

ACTION Jeremy to check semantics on DAWG use of XSD in abstract query model.


ACTION Ben to solicit interested members in RDF in XHTML TF.  

ACTION ralph CVS access for Aldo, Natasha, Tom 
done for Tom, waiting for SSH keys from others  

ACTION Guus to review aldo's wordnet proposal doc 

ACTION (re: ontologies for units discussion) Guus (1) is it the right type
of approach? (2) alternative ontoligies for units?  

ACTION Ralph move VM TF description from
<http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2004Jun/0136.html> into
Group Web space 

<http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/BestPractices/VM/> SWBPD Vocabulary Management
Task Force Description 

3. DIWG; URIs for units and MIME types

PROPOSED: To await response from Rhys Lewis (chairman of DIWG) to recent
email discussion.

4. Location and scheduling of F2F meeting

Guus: Wrt Japan, it would be possible to hold the meeting in the same hotel
as ISWC.

Who is planning to attend ISWC?
David wood: maybe 
Ralph: unknown 
bwm: unknown 
guus: yes  
TomB: probably not  
Alistair: unknown  
Andreas: probably yes  
TomAdams: probably not  
Alan: yes 
danbri: probably yes  
libby: probably yes 
Evan: no

Bristol was the other potential location.

ACTION: ralph & guus to set up straw poll as web form for location of next
Guus said that it is likely that the F2F after next will be colocated with
the next tech plenary in boston, although the precise location for this is

5. Tutorial Page


Next step for TomA is to apply some standard style to this page.  Also there
was some discussion about the ongoing process for the tutorials page ...
TomA suggested maybe better as a wiki.

There was discussion as to whether the tutorials activity should be included
as a task force.

Also links to existing OWL and other tutorials ...

ACTION: TomA to add links from last telecon to tutorials page 


6.1 OEP

Guus offered congratulations on publishing three notes.  With all the
comments coming in, should there be a separate list for comments?

The consensus was that a single list is fine for now.

ACTION: Alan to respond to guus' document on qualified cardinality

The question was raised as to where OEP should go next.  Guus suggested that
if the WG takes on units and measures, this would be in scope for OEP.  Alan
suggested a short note on closure axioms.

6.2 PORT

PROPOSED: Danbri suggests that Alistair be listed as a PORT TF coordinator.

Alistair has sent announcements of SKOS Core phase 2 development to
public-esw-thes@w3.org, RDF/SW IG list and NKOS list.

One of the first issues we looked at is how to effectively manage the SKOS
Core vocab as a collaborative schema development.  The schema management
policy written up in <http://esw.w3.org/topic/SkosDev/SchemaManagement> was
suggested for SKOS Core and so far no objections have been raised.  This
involves a simple URI naming policy for terms, and using the vocab status
vocabulary plus some of the versioning features from OWL.  

This issue overlaps with VM TF, agreed to feed into work there when the TF
gets going.  Danbri suggested perhaps a note on collaborative schema


There has been not much activity.  Discussion of Brian's recent draft, Guus
questioned whether it fully matches the RDF description.  Brian said this
could be correct, stated this draft is just a placeholder document.  Guus
raised the issue of an identifier policy for synsets.  

Multiwordnet <http://multiwordnet.itc.it/> was mentioned and discussed

6.4 XML Schema Datatypes

No discussion.


TomB confirms this TF will get going after summer.  He suggested cutting
down the TF overview, and surveying the members of the group about whether
each item is in scope.  Re notes and activity, TomB sees a 'part 1' dealing
with the 'low hanging fruit' and a 'part 2' dealing with more controversial

PROPOSED: TomB to survey members of group re activity and scope.


Minutes of RDF/XHTML TF first telecon

Discussion of XHTML 2.0 WD ... it describes RDF concept from first
principles, without normative reference to RDF specs.  

Wrt to what should be the output of this TF, Danbri confirmed goal to
revisit the requirements and support work of XHTML guys, help them qith QA.
TF will be reviewing [sections 19 and 20 of] the XHTML 2.0 WD hoping to get
feedback to Ben in 2-3 weeks.

Discussion of whether to publish note on GRDDL.  Ralph asked how much
endorsement should this WG give to XHTML 2.0 and GRDDL proposals.  Guus
noted that the public expects guidance notes from the WG.  

All agreed TF is very important, and also want to make sure there is no fork
in XHTML and RDF concepts, agreed that XHTML specs should have normative
reference to RDF (they currently don't).  Important point is to make sure
people know how to use existing RDF vocabs within XHTML.

6.7 ADTF

TomA pointed to Urchin, a news feed application from Nature Publishing
Group.  Should this be included in ADTF weblog?

Urchin case study from Nature <http://www.biopathways.org/semweb/RSS_WG/>

ACTION: TomA get MINDLAB to write description of urchin for APDTF weblog.

Discussion of whether to add Kowari to ADTF blog.  Consensus that this is
really a toolkit and lower level.  

Discussion of how to handle ADTF demos collection as it grows.  Libby
suggested wiki might have been better (easier access).  Proposed to leave
for now and reorganise later.
ACTION: Ralph to link ADTF blog from WG page

David W said it is important that this sort of resource gets periodically

End of meeting.

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