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Re: what matters is what's said, not what's meant

From: karl <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:09:30 -0400
To: public-sw-meaning@w3.org
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Le Jeudi, 9 octo 2003, à 20:47 America/Montreal, Sandro Hawke a écrit :
>      pat:Donny a bio:Dingo.
>      pat:Donny a bio:Cat.
> It seems to me that as a reader I'm not going to be too happy with
> this graph you sent me.  What have I really learned from you about
> pat:Donny?  What can I do with what you said?  Not a lot, I think.
> Ewwww.

What about?

	pat:Light a phys:Particle.
	pat:Light a phys:Wave.

Maybe bio is an ontology of a fantasy worlds where many things can 
exist at the same time.

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