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book on argument and inference, Gabbay et al.

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Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 10:41:49 -0400
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I sent the info below to Pat and Sandro yesterday, in light of their exchange
on reasoning.



Handbook of the Logic of Argument and Inference
The Turn Towards the Practical
Edited by:
D.M. Gabbay, King's College, London, UK
R.H. Johnson, University of Windsor, ON, Canada
H.J. Ohlbach, Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität München, Germany
J. Woods, University of British Columbia, Canada and King's College, London, UK

Logic and The Practical Turn (J. Woods, R.H. Johnson, D.M. Gabbay, Hans Jürgen
Standard Logics as Theories of Argument and Inference: Deduction (J. Woods).
Standard Logics as Theories of Argument and Inference: Induction (J. Woods).
Internal Critique: A logic is not a Theory of Reasoning and a Theory of
Reasoning is not a logic (G. Harman).
Standard Logic as a Model of Reasoning: The Empirical Critique (D.N. Perkins).
A Framework for Intersubjective Accountability: Dialogical Logic (E.M. Barth).
Interrrogative Logic (J. Hintikka, I. Halonen, A. Mutanen).
Informal Logic and the Reconfiguration of Logic (R.H. Johnson, J.A. Blair).
Probability Logic (J. Williamson).
Philosophical Incidence of Logic Programming (L.M. Pereira).
Formal Approaches to Practical Reasoning: A Survey (D.M. Gabbay, J. Woods).
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