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Minutes, 4 December 2014 SVG WG telcon

From: Erik Dahlström <ed@opera.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2014 09:21:20 +0100
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                                - DRAFT -

                     SVG Working Group Teleconference

04 Dec 2014


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           krit, Thomas_Smailus, ed, stakagi, LJWatson, Tav,
           Doug_Schepers, nikos, Rossen_




      * [4]Topics
          1. [5]Connectors
          2. [6]Upcoming F2Fs
          3. [7]cancelling 25 dec and 1 jan 2015 telcons
          4. [8]focus in IE
          5. [9]update on hinting in svg2
      * [10]Summary of Action Items

    <trackbot> Date: 04 December 2014

    <scribe> scribeNick: ed


    ED: just wanted to check the status on connectors proposal
    ... tav: is the draft you have being updated with people's

    Tav: will try to get feedback from svg-a11y, and update based
    on that, but am short on time

    <Tav> [11]http://tavmjong.free.fr/SVG/CONNECTORS/index.xhtml

      [11] http://tavmjong.free.fr/SVG/CONNECTORS/index.xhtml

    ED: ok, and the previous editors draft for connectors, not
    being updated anymore I take it

    DS: agree that the a11y-tf should look at connectors

    Tav: I'll attend some of the meetings to hopefully get some
    feedback on this

Upcoming F2Fs

    ED: next F2F will be sydney, feb 2015
    ... have checked with the office here, and Opera is willing to
    host in Linköping, Sweden in the spring, may - june sometime
    ... is that a good timeframe, and are there any other hosting

    LJWatson: html is meeting in may, possibly conflicting

    krit: not sure we need to meet with html, but where are they

    LJWatson: paris

    <Rossen_> what's the topic?

    Tav: is Linköping easy to get to?

    ED: there are flights via amsterdam or copenhagen, or you can
    fly to stockholm and then get a train from there

    <Rossen_> certainly easier than India

    Rossen_: would prefer europe

    ED: I'd prefer first week of june over may

    tav/rossen: yes, prefer that too

    DS: it's slightly cheaper for me to travel to india, but I
    don't mind
    ... doubt I'd be able to attend in Linköping, but that's a
    budget thing
    ... shouldn't restrict our decision

    RESOLUTION: we'll have a f2f in Linköping in early june 2015

cancelling 25 dec and 1 jan 2015 telcons

    all: sounds good

    nikos: regrets for me for the week before then too

focus in IE



      [12] http://schepers.cc/svg/accessibility/focus/focus-tabindex-0.svg


      [13] http://schepers.cc/svg/accessibility/focus/focus-tabindex.html

    Rossen_: not quite sure what's going on, what's your
    ... that it matches chrome?

    DS: yes

    Rossen_: same tabindex everywhere and then you go through in
    document order
    ... in IE the anchors are not focusable, but text is
    ... could be a bug

    DS: need to make sure this is clear
    ... trying to make sure there's partity with html with tabindex
    and focus

    Rossen_: it should be just like in html, right?

    DS: I expect it to match :active css rules
    ... in general svg should match html, if you set tabindex on a
    div in html and you have some text, will you have focus there?

    LJWatson: yes

    DS: svg anchors should have the same behavior

    LJWatson: does svg have a concept of interactive elements, like

    DS: I think svg lacks some of this, but it should

    Rossen_: in IE if you set focusable=true on the anchor it will
    be able to be focused
    ... in svg

    DS: good to know
    ... do you know if there'll be an MS person attending the

    Rossen_: I think so, but not sure

update on hinting in svg2

    Rossen_: we spent some time collaborating with Rik on this
    ... we have something that we'll try to put in a spec for line
    segments and strokes, and shapes
    ... that's as far as we've got this far
    ... probably not going to be done before the new year, but
    probably before our next f2f
    ... bogdan has been actively looking at the svg2 spec
    ... he's itemizing things offline
    ... basically trying to solidify the spec into something we
    could ship, we aim to do this before our next f2f

    DS: looking forward to it
    ... will be good to hear about what we should and shouldnt put
    into svg2

    nikos: would be good to get this feedback early, since we
    planned to ship svg2 spec directly after the f2f

    Rossen_: didn't mean just before the f2f, we'll try to have
    this work done early and in good time before that

    trackbot, end telcon

Summary of Action Items

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