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SVG 2 Requirements: next phase

From: Cyril Concolato <Cyril.Concolato@cisra.canon.com.au>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:49:01 +0000
To: "SVG WG (public-svg-wg@w3.org)" <public-svg-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <54EF1DA3171CEE48AD59D7FF0DE043C35A58E446@exm02-wvp.cisra.canon.com.au>
Hi all,

As you have seen from my previous email, we are approaching the end of phase 1 (gathering and deciding on the proposed requirements). I think we should be starting phase 2.  According to our planning, we should have a list of prioritized requirements ready in March. I proposed that to make this prioritized list, we start by gathering the intentions/commitments from the members to work on the agreed requirements. Based on those commitments, it should be easy to prioritize and assign feature ownership.

For that purpose, I added a 'commitment' line to each accepted requirement in the requirements page. The idea is that you add your name or the name of your company (preferable) in some of them. It is meant to indicate commitment to provide concrete text for the spec on that topic (and maybe later on some test cases). Ideally, everyone should commit his/her company depending on the work load. We should not commit ourselves on too many items.

In order to help you decide, I've tried to summarize the requirements that we have accepted so far. We could also put that sorted list in a wiki page if you prefer.

         SVG DOM

o   Expose animateMotion

o   Improve SVGList*

o   Easier read/write of attributes

o   Access to property values

o   Improve bounding box APIs

         The <image> element

o   Viewbox

o   Auto-sizing

         Improved switching

o   Add a mechanism similar to allowReorder

o   Improve fallback mechanism


o   dropping fragments to mean referencing root element

o   allow clip to reference any element

o   add features from the <animation> element

o   improved text from SVG Tiny 1.2 on reference restrictions

o   Improved text from SVG Tiny 1.2 on processing external references

o   <use> clean-up

         SVG Parameters

         Alignment with HTML 5

o   data-* attributes

o   global semantics attributes (microformat and microdata)

o   RDFa

o   the style element

o   the video element

  allow video elements to have captions, tracks ...

o   the audio element

  Control audio level and playback

o   document wide events

o   drag-and-drop functionality

o   content editable

o   focusability and navigation order and API to control the focus

o   Support for key events from DOM Level 3 Events

o   Progress events

o   Support for mousewheel event

         Alignment with CSS

o   z-index

o   Automatic text wrapping in arbitrary shapes

o   Use of CSS white-space

o   CSS Transition-like animations

o   CSS 3 Color syntax

o   CSS image-fit

o   Reference CSS3 Values

o   Promotion of some attributes to properties

o   Controlling focus indication

o   case sensitivity of presentation attributes

         Colour management

         New Graphics features

o   Level of details control

o   non-scaling features



o   advanced stroking

  variable stroke width

  stroke position

  more precise stroke dashing

  more control over position of dashes

o   advanced paint servers


  painting from arbitrary elements

  add the solidColor element and its properties

  advanced gradients (Coons patches)

o   Custom filters

o   advanced paths features

  shared paths

  skeleton paths (as a separate module)

  smooth path between points (Catmull-Rom)

  simpler way to make regular polygons and stars

  easier arcs

  element-based path syntax

  Improve SVG path APIs

o   Improved bounding box description

o   Add the vector-effect property

o   Viewport-fill and viewport-fill-opacity

o   Marker clean-up


o   adding 'transform' to <svg>

o   specify rotation around particular points and shapes

o   positioning of objects along a path

o   allow transforms on <tspan>

o   add constrained transforms (transform="ref()")

o   add the transformBehavior attribute


o   stretch method for textpath

o   flip-invariant text

o   deprecate baseline-shift and use vertical-align

o   add advanced font metrics interface

o   add methods to convert text to path data

o   Improved text on characters and glyphs, text layout, selection form SVG Tiny 1.2

o   Scrolling to editable text



o   allow async/defer


o   Add snapshotTime

o   animation reversing

o   non-negative speed on time containers

o   path-based animation of pair of attributes

o   type='matrix' on animateTransform

o   linear interpolation of properties which were previously discrete

o   support for animation using a transform-list

o   motion animation of a specified speed

o   get animation timeline information

o   simpler interpolation between paths

o   synchronization

         Rendering algorithms

o   Unknown elements rendering

o   Define more precisely progressive rendering

o   buffered-rendering

o   Flatten to image

o   Seamless rendering of adjacent edges / Pixel rounding methods


o   Positioning information in mouse events

o   Make it easier to write zoom/pan widgets

o   Add the SVGRotate event

o   Improved text from SVG Tiny 1.2 on hit-testing and event processing


o   Shadow tree clean-up

o   foreignObject: remove requirement for @width and @height

o   Tooltips

o   Copy/Paste of SVG graphics

o   Clarify the use of SVGZ files

o   Namespace clean-up

o   Checking Backwards compatibility

o   Checking Accessibility

o   Defining Undefined behaviors

Best regards,
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