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From: Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 14:36:46 +1100
To: public-svg-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20091009033646.GC24133@wok.mcc.id.au>
Hello WG.

As discussed with a few of you recently, I have decided to take a break
from web standards activities and related open source hacking for a few
months while I finish up my thesis.  I have 40 (!) open actions


Below are some notes on the status of some of these:

ACTION-2514 Finish porting old tracker issues to the new tracker

I have created a wiki page that lists the status of this:


I think it’s important to not forget about these issues, and to take
them up as time permits.  Perhaps they can just be kept in mind while
starting on writing SVG 2.0.

ACTION-2391 Investigate ISSUE-2194 and summarise what implementations do
currently with list-type attributes

I think this essentially should be deferred to SVG 2.0.  The specific
issue of stroke-dasharray separators has been solved in 1.1SE.

ACTION-2503 Add ednotes to the svg-in-html spec noting points where
agreement is still lacking

I think this can be closed in preference to doing ACTION-2675.

ACTION-2537 Reply to the style/script thread

The other day Jonas said he would make a proposal to the HTML WG
regarding <style> and <script> parsing in text/html, so I suggest we
close this action and wait for Jonas’ proposal and respond to that.

ACTION-2642 Fix errata link in svgdtd.html when publishing

There are XXX commented out sections in master/svgdtd.html and
master/index.html that need to be updated to point to a new URL in W3C
date space for the 1.1SE errata when 1.1SE is published as a Rec.  IMO
they don’t need to be updated for PER.

ACTION-2643 Make single page and pdf versions of 1.1Se

The spec building process when you run make does create a single page
HTML version of the spec at the moment.  For the PDF version I was going
to hack around with styling and use prince to generate it, like I did
for 1.2T.  Again this isn’t important to address before Rec.

ACTION-2644 Update the 1.1 DTD under /Graphics/SVG when publishing 1.1SE

A reminder that the 1.1SE DTD files need to be copied over to
http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/ when 1.1SE becomes a Rec.  The
existing dated, flattened version at svg11-flat-20030114.dtd should
remain, and the new copy of svg11-flat.dtd should be installed as
svg11-flat-2009XXXX.dtd.  There is an XXX marked section in
master/svgdtd.html where this new dated flattened URL needs to be

ACTION-2675 Summarize the html5 conclusions from these minutes and send
them to the HTML WG

This one is important to get done soon.  Also note that two bugs were
raised in the HTML WG in response to a couple of specific requests
that came out of their http://www.w3.org/html/wg/tracker/issues/37:


These may or may not need following up on.

ACTION-2680 Send out proposal for limited prefix processing in text/html

This is slightly less important, but would be good to get out too.

The other open actions are less urgent and probably don’t need any
further explanation.

Apart from the above issues related to 1.1SE, the following is what I
see that needs to be done:

  * five tests need to be written

  * four tests need to be reviewed (plus reviews for the above five)

  * I had planned to merge the svg-style-extra.css into svg-style.css
    (where the former contains new styling I added since I started
    editing the spec), but it’s not so important.

  * I was considering tweaking the layout/styling of
    attributes/operation descriptions generated from svg.idl.  I also
    needed to test that the current use of CSS there looks OK in IE.

  * I was going to go through the spec and make sure that it is coherent
    when it talks about “modules”, sine we recently changed the spec to
    downplay DTD modularization.

  * I was going to make a proposal to the list on how to solve the
    SVGLength issues raised in this thread:


    after discussions at the F2F last week.  There’s not currently an
    issue raised for this.

  * I just noticed that pservers.html still mentions the non-existent
    <solidColor> element.  That needs to be removed.

  * When doing a final build of the spec for PER (and for REC) make sure
    you do a make clean and then make, so that the dates in the
    header/footer of each chapter is updated.

  * Notice that there is a difference between master/svg.idl and
    publish/svg.idl.  The publish version isn’t automatically updated.
    The publish version has some boilerplate stuff at the front to make
    it look like the OMG IDL used in the First Edition.  Some changes to
    the master/svg.idl have been made since the publish/svg.idl was put
    in place, so basically the main IDL content from “module smil”
    down in the publish version will need to be replaced with the
    content of master/svg.idl from the same “module smil” point.

  * The Java bindings haven’t been updated at all.  I haven’t written
    anything into the build scripts to automatically generate them,
    either.  The .java files that are in the java-binding.zip will need
    to be updated to match the IDL.

I’ll begin this hiatus from the middle of next week.  (I’ll attend
Wednesday’s telcon.)  Thenceforth, I won’t be following any mailing
lists or be on IRC.  If you have specific questions or problems with
build scripts for example, send me private mail and I will do my best to
resolve them.

During these next few months I will be wanting to get some layout work
published, though, since it will be useful for my thesis.  So some time
soon I will clean up the layout requirements document to get it
published (as we decided in Sydney last year) and I will also plan to
write a first draft of a layout module; probably it will just contain
something simple like how to apply the CSS3 flexbox properties to SVG
content, even if it needs to change a bit later as a result of work that
I’m doing at the moment.  I’ll let the group know when I have something
ready to consider publishing.

Doug, we talked briefly the other day about how chairing of the group
should proceed.  I’ll leave it to you to work this out?

I look forward to returning to active duty in the group in a few months.



Cameron McCormack ≝ http://mcc.id.au/
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