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Re: LastCall for SVG Print 1.2

From: Sergiu Dumitriu <sergiu@xwiki.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 11:00:36 +0700
Message-ID: <476F2EE4.5060608@xwiki.com>
To: public-svg-print@w3.org

> Hello, A few comments: - In section 3.3 of Part 1, "Master Page", the 
> wording of "if a rectangle was drawn prior to..." and of "If a 
> masterPage was specified after the rectangle was drawn" seems a bit 
> wrong, as the rectangle is not simply drawn. How about "if a rectangle 
> was declared prior to..." and "... after [displaying/printing/drawing] 
> the rectangle on the background for several pages..." - Still there, a 
> minor typo in the next paragraph: "it is good practice to have the 
> _objectsto_ be reused" - Section 3.5 of Part 1, "Selecting a Master 
> Page when referencing a page", says: ``The current Master Pages from 
> the externally referenced document may be applied to the externally 
> referenced page. In which case use-master-page= "external"''. The dot 
> doesn't belong there, that's not proper english. The same thing for 
> the next two phrases. - Still there, "Alternatively" makes the default 
> behavior look like a merely possible thing, not something enabled by 
> default. - Section 3.7 of Part 1, "noPrint", should be changed to 
> reflect the new name of the attribute used in Part 2, print-display. - 
> The diagram in section 3.9 of Part 1 is a bit too big, maybe a smaller 
> variant should be used inline, with a link to the big version. Also 
> consider adding a caption. P.S.: Just noticed the reply to my previous 
> comments, thanks for considering my previous observations. Regards, 
> Sergiu Dumitriu

... and of course a happy new year for all readers.

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