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Re: [svgwg] Remove color-rendering CSS property (#647)

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Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 21:20:06 +0000
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The SVG Working Group just discussed `remove color-rendering`, and agreed to the following:

* `RESOLUTION: Drop color-rendering and update parsing tests. Revisit on objections.`

<details><summary>The full IRC log of that discussion</summary>
&lt;krit> topic: remove color-rendering<br>
&lt;krit> GitHub: https://github.com/w3c/svgwg/issues/647<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: one of the SVG 1.1 hint properties. Authors could tell engine to optimise speed or quality.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: AFAIK no UA does actively support it.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: Blink parses it at least<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: Firefox doesn't so.<br>
&lt;krit> myles: what was the original intention?<br>
&lt;krit> myles: what could an implementation do?<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: color interpolation, compositing<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: linearRGB might be faster than sRGB... but that might no longer be true.<br>
&lt;krit> myles: I would be comfortable with removing this.<br>
&lt;krit> krit: Don;t know Adobe product that makes use of it on either import or generating SVG documents.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: There is no legacy issue. It is not breaking anything.<br>
&lt;krit> krit: we could get a resolution and see if we get objections.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: Safari just accepts the camel case version.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: ... for keywards<br>
&lt;krit> myles: checking if webkit does anything with it...<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR:  minimal action would be to mark it as at-risk<br>
&lt;krit> myles: don't see any use in WebKit<br>
&lt;krit> myles: 's implementation itself beside computed style<br>
&lt;krit> RESOLUTION: Drop color-rendering and update parsing tests. Revisit on objections.<br>
&lt;krit> krit: while we are at it, what about color-interpolation.<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: need to check comments<br>
&lt;krit> AmeliaBR: IIRC only Batik supported Color-interpolation.<br>

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