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RE: Domain for the SVG community site

From: Dailey, David P. <david.dailey@sru.edu>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 19:44:16 -0400
Message-ID: <1835D662B263BC4E864A7CFAB2FEEB3D0152566F@msfexch01.srunet.sruad.edu>
To: "Rob Russell" <rob@latenightpc.com>, "SVG IG List" <public-svg-ig@w3.org>

While we are starting to organize the new web space, a couple of things come to mind.
a) it would be nice to make the entry way have some visible SVG (even if relatively little)
b) it would be nice to have a big room inside that looks more like the entrance to a gallery than like a wiki or a blog
c) we might also want to make the gallery part have a connective topology that is just a wee bit different than your average wiki (maybe shaped more like a gallery through which one could amble).
d) it might be nice to invite Jerrod Maddox to do a small work celebrating the occasion of the opening of the new page. 
e) it might be nice to invite entries into such a gallery from the Inkscape community
f) we might even want to have rotating exhibits in some of the rooms
I was in Cincinnati recently and become reacquainted with the work of Charley Harper
It is such fun vector based art -- he was commissed by the National Park Service and did an absolutely stunning series.
Anyhow, populating our pages with artwork would probably make some intrinsic sense.


From: public-svg-ig-request@w3.org on behalf of Rob Russell
Sent: Fri 10/17/2008 11:05 AM
To: SVG IG List
Subject: Re: Domain for the SVG community site

I sent a message off-list with the particulars, we should be able to
figure it out this afternoon.

Rob Russell

Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, Rob-
> Since people like PlanetSVG.com, where shall I redirect the domain?
> Thanks-
> -Doug
> Rob wrote (on 10/16/08 7:30 PM):
>> Yeah, as far as I remember the only reason to use svghowto.com was that
>> it was a simple thing we could do until we got a final domain name. I
>> thought it might be a move I could make in a couple days but I just
>> haven't found the time to do that yet. Until I saw the messages on the
>> list today, I thought that was still what I was supposed to be doing.
>> The resolution of the (permanent) domain name Action Item in the last
>> telcon was that we'd hash it out on the mailing list. Since the thread
>> is started, I guess we could do that now?
>> Doug Schepers wrote:
>>> Hi, Folks-
>>> I own planetsvg.com, and I'm happy to donate it, and direct it wherever
>>> we need.
>>> Regards-
>>> -Doug
>>> Christophe Strobbe wrote (on 10/16/08 5:37 PM):
>>>> Hi,
>>>> At 20:22 16/10/2008, Jeff Schiller wrote:
>>>>> As per our last conversation, I believe we had decided to move the
>>>>> community site to svghowto.com for the medium term until a better
>>>>> domain opens up.  This domain is owned by Rob today and is hosted on
>>>>> 1and1 (where the current prototype site is also located), so ideally
>>>>> the transfer will be easier than having to migrate a full site (Rob,
>>>>> please let us know).
>>>> Should the domain be one that is already owned by one of us?
>>>> If planetsvg.com is not available, there is also planetsvg.info, etc.
>>>> For a lark I also checked www.planets.vg (for those who like the Virgin
>>>> Islands) and it's still available.
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Christophe
>>>>> Any further thoughts on this before the move starts to happen?
>>>>> Rob is there any way I (we) can help?
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Jeff Schiller
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