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making playing with attributes sooo easy, fun even ?

From: Ruud Steltenpool <svg@steltenpower.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 23:11:08 +0200
Message-ID: <48CADAEC.4020203@steltenpower.com>
To: public-svg-ig@w3.org

David wrote:

 > Ruud has been writing about a nifty way of tweaking such attributes 
that might allow the quick exploration of the parameter space associate 
with such things, so perhaps he'll have something to say on this

Below a summary of an e-mail conversation that David was aiming at:


thinking about your 'interacting with or animating attribute values to
get a feel for what they're doing': What if there would be a (foreign
Namespace) notation like <playWithAttribute xPathexpr=""  ... /> and a
processor that would use it to make SVG files interactive in some
automagic fashion ? ...

You have an XML document (SVG, XHTML, or myOwnXML (+ XBL resulting in 
SVG or XHTML), or ...) you want to play with, especially certain 
parameters, which i call data.xml

In a 2nd document, which i call interests.xml, you define which 
parameters of data.xml you want to play with.

A processor is needed that takes data.xml and interests.xml and outputs 
an interactionForm.xml (.xhtml or .svg really) choosing form elements 
based on the schema (XSD, RNG, DTD, whatever works) of data.xml and 
extra information or overriding defined in interests.xml , which through 
automatically generated DOM-methods interacts with the original data.xml


Yes. If I follow you it would help speed the process of optimizing the 
presentation of certain complex interactions between clips, filters, and 
so forth by giving access to a sort of control panel for attributes of 
particular interest.

I've had to (in builiding either artistic or technical presentations) 
had to go through many generations of tweaking, by hand, many values of 
many attributes until I get it to look "right."


How does this sound? I guess 'XForms people' would be the ones to ask 
for experience with something in that direction.

Feedback please.

/me struggled with DTD-parsing when i worked on a more novice coder 
friendly validator-PLUS for SVG some time ago
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