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Re: SPARQL servers used in the LOD Cloud

From: Lee Feigenbaum <lee@thefigtrees.net>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2010 13:31:42 -0400
Message-ID: <4CA76C7E.9080808@thefigtrees.net>
To: Richard Cyganiak <richard@cyganiak.de>
CC: Ian Davis <iand@internetalchemy.org>, public-sparql-dev@w3.org
On 10/1/2010 3:29 PM, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> On 1 Oct 2010, at 14:17, Ian Davis wrote:
>>> If you are aware of any SPARQL endpoints that are missing here, please
>>> consider adding it to the relevant package in CKAN (or creating a new
>>> package if necessary). As a fall-back, email me ;-)
>> Is your criteria that they must only contain RDF suitable for
>> inclusion on LOD Cloud (i.e. use linked data principles, interlink to
>> other datasets, be open data)? Talis provides over 1100 additional
>> public sparql endpoints that don't conform to all those constraints.
> !!!
> Now that's a number I didn't expect!
> So I'm definitely interested in these:
> 1. Any that meet the LOD Cloud constraints
> 2. Any that meet the LOD Cloud constraints except being interlinked with
> other datasets (that is, open data with URIs that resolve to RDF)
> If you have others that you would like the world to know about and that
> are documented a bit, then I'll try to make CKAN packages for those as
> well.

While we're at it, I'm interested in any SPARQL'able data sources, 
whether or not they contain links to other datasets or dereferenceable 
URIs. I make use of them regularly in tutorials and examples, so it's 
always good to know what's available.

In the past there have been lists on the ESW Wiki, but they regularly 
get stale and it would be good to refresh them.


> Best,
> Richard
>> Ian
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