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Experimenting with EmbeddRDF and GRDDL

From: Leigh Dodds <leigh@ldodds.com>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 13:57:56 +0100
Message-ID: <4475A9D4.8040207@ldodds.com>
To: public-sparql-dev@w3.org


I've done a write-up of my experiments playing with
adding Embedded RDF and GRDDL support to my SPARQL


Its not a full GRDDL implementation yet, currently it
only traps the data-view profile and applies transforms
referenced via link elements. I've still got to implement
the more general discovery feature.

Seems to work pretty well though. It'll deal with multiple
transforms, so handles DanC's EmbeddedRDF+hCalendar based
homepage OK.



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