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Online Meeting for the Portability and Distributed Architecture Task Force

From: Joaquin Salvachua <jsr@dit.upm.es>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:59:35 +0200
To: public-social-web-talk@w3.org
Message-Id: <9D0E2879-E3A9-42EE-A8C4-0D56C59CEC66@dit.upm.es>

For the people interested in  Portability and Distributed  
Architecture Task Force i proposse an online meeting with the  
following agenda :

Perhaps could be tomorrow 25 of June at 11 GTM ?

   *  Identify if the goals and possible roadmap its ok.
   *  Identify next tasks and people involved on it.  (scrum like).
   *  Set next meeting.

I resume here some of the information we have on the wiki :

Portability and Distributed Architecture Task Force

  Mission for the Group:

The goal for this task is to interconnect the different information  
and notification systems related to social heartbeat and social graph  
for some groups of people. The long term goal is to have the open  
formats and protocols that allow to have different hubs and silos for  
this kind of information related to social graph, presence,  
microblogging, etc with secure and privacy enabled in a very usable way.


·      Identification of information and protocols and services for  
interchanging social information and social graph.

·      Define an open format (Foaf based) and protocols to access it  
in several ways.

·      Define a distributed architecture for distribution, federation  
and aggregation for social information based on the previous defined  

·      Have some reference implementations for the architecture.

Distributed Architecture

·      Expanding the OpenMicroBlogging work into something that works  
for more than just microblogging, providing cross-site friendship  
links / subscriptions.

·      XMPP and Google Wave

o  Look at Google Wave's use of XMPP (Wave Spec) for social graph  

·      ATOM and ATOM Publishing Protocol

o  Have a Rest interface to publish and consume notifications and  
different formats of information.

·      Widgets

o  Look carefully at OpenSocial, see how it interops with existing  
FOAF and PortableContacts descriptions, and W3C Widgets,  
internationalization, accessibility

·      Portability and Distributed social graph storage

Sorry for the delay on sending but was involved on the examinations.

¿How we do the online meeting?  ¿ via IRC and audioconf?  (how do i  
reserve a slot?)

Best Regards


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