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RE: Action Item for June 3

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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 14:24:22 +0200
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For (1) I think Jyri Engeström, founder of Jaiku mobile community, would be very interesting to have as guest. Jaiku was acquired by Google and Jyri is now product manager for social and mobile at Google. His blog is here: http://www.zengestrom.com/blog/


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Subject: Action Item for June 3

Hello Harry, XG members,

My action items for June 3 meeting were:

      (1) add mobile social networking companies and mobile community operators to Invited Guests and
(2)   to brainstorm the exact questions or topics would be most interesting

I have not been able to even look at e-mail in the past 3+ days due to travel. Unfortunately, I have no clue if there is anything relevant to the SWXG in there or if there has been any traffic on the wiki about Invited Guests. I don't have the bandwidth to go up and make these recommendations on the wiki page for Invited Guests, however, I wanted to quickly make the following suggestions for the above action items, in advance of the June 3 meeting:

Action Item #1: add mobile social networking companies and mobile community operators to Invited Guests

  We should begin by asking those mobile community operators which came to the workshop and who already have a good understanding of what we are working on/wish to achieve.

They are:


We also had with us Dan Melinger of Socialight. This company is now providing platforms for mobile community services but still quite relevant. Another company which was a workshop participant and which could be asked is Ready People.

 After we have asked these companies and if they are unavailable or uninterested, we should contact and inquire about availability of:

     MobiLuck (France)
     Icebreaker (US)
     MocoSpace (US)
     GoFresh (DE)
     Aka Aki (DE)
     BuzzCity (Sinapore)
     Flirtomatic (UK)
     3G Dating Agency (UK)

I don't know if they are already on there, but we should invite Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Mixi, GREE, DeNA (operator of Mobagetown). A list of the top 30 social networks is an action item for June 10 meeting.

If these are not available/uninterested, then I can suggest more.

Action Item #2:   to brainstorm the exact questions or topics would be most interesting.

I propose something along these lines:

1. What is your service/community (Introduce to the members of XG the service)? what are the features? 2 slides

2. What are your policies, terms and conditions with regard to user data and privacy? 1 slide

3. In what areas would you like there to be some standardization activities?  1-2 slides

4. Are there contributions which you can make to, or how would you support the SWXG? If not your company, who do you trust most to contribute to the SWXG in your best interest (general or specific suggestions)? 1-2 slides

5. What are the best practices you believe should be codified and adopted across all social networks for the best industry growth? 1-2 slides

6. What features/aspects of your service or platform do you feel are highest differentiators/most important to your community's unique value proposition? 1 slides

As the Action Item suggests, this is a brainstorm for discussion.

I do not know if this action item is considered complete/closed/concluded based on this e-mail memo to the list. If it is, please have this reflected accordingly. If not, please provide feedback.


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