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RE: Wiki page on Best Practices

From: Christine Perey <cperey@perey.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 12:41:41 +0100
To: "'Alexandre Passant'" <alexandre.passant@deri.org>
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Hi Alex,

I agree that the question of the titles of activities should be addressed
and then we will have a clearer framework. 

How you (we) choose the title/topic headings will depend on what you (we)
see to be the most important organizing themes.

If you believe that the subject matter (distributed architectures, data
portability, semantic web, privacy and trust, context in communities, social
networking user experience, etc) is the most important, then you make these
the top level headings. Under each there are tasks, in some cases including,
perhaps, the development of best practices.

If, on the other hand, the activity of the task force and the type of
deliverable on which it is focusing (development of a protocol mapping or
framework, coordinating the creation of a prototype to demonstrate
distributed social networking, defining new standards or recommendations,
creating best practices guidelines for users) is most important, then you
make these [Best Practices (generically), Identification of relevant
industry initiatives, prototype/proof of concept, Development of a standard
which is missing] the top level headings. 

Ideally the solution is a multi-dimensional framework in which there are
rows and columns. Not all the fields/cells in the framework are necessarily
active or even desirable. 

In one direction you have the subjects ("themes" and "challenges" is what we
called them in the workshop) and in the other direction the type of
activity/deliverable which is needed.   


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Le 23 janv. 09 à 07:29, Christine Perey a écrit :

> Hello,
> While you are reading Harry's updated charter and page, if you are 
> interested in reading what I've written on the group discussion of 
> concept of Best Practices Task Force (and I took the liberty of 
> expanding for purposes of further discussions), please go to 
> http://esw.w3.org/topic/SocialNetworkingBestPractices
> This is not intended to be competitive XG but rather to focus on 
> something
> (1) useful for the industry, which is not a set of standards,
> (2) could leverage expertise in the group as well as to get people 
> from the existing commercial social networks to pay attention to this 
> activity and
> (3) which does not treat (at least not in the current version) the 
> topics covered in Harry's original charter (e.g., data mining, 
> semantic web, social media data portability).

Sounds good.
I also think there is a need to "split" the topics between some dedicated XG
/ Task forces that reflect particular needs of Social Netwoking.
To that extend, getting a group re. trust and privacy and another one
dedicated to portability / interoperability seem a good approach, even if
there will certainly be joint work / communication needed between both.
It seems there's also work on the context-awarness topic, which may be
another one.

Re. the name of the proposed 'Best Practices' effort, I yet suggest to focus
on trust and/or privacy in the title, as the current one sounds too broad



> I sent this link (above) out about 2-3 days ago to a small group (of
> 13)
> people who expressed specific interest in Best Practices during or 
> around the workshop but I have not received any comments/feedback on 
> it.
> Christine
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