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Here's my proposal for a FAQ entry, comments welcome.





What is the relationship between SOAP/JMS and WS-Addressing?

Web Services Addressing provides transport-neutral mechanisms to address
Web services and messages. At its core, WS-Addressing defines abstract
properties to aid in the referencing of Web Service endpoints,
constructing of message flows, correlation, and message identification.
WS-Addressing is intended to work over any SOAP underlying protocol
binding including SOAP/JMS. Over SOAP, behavior is described in terms of
the abstract Message Exchange Patterns
<http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/REC-soap12-part1-20070427/#soapmep>  (MEPs)
that a given binding supports. Addressing properties are conveyed in the
form of SOAP headers. These properties are distinct from the transport
properties specified at the JMS property level.

The SOAP/JMS binding provides both one-way and request-response MEPs.
Otherwise the SOAP/JMS binding imposes no constraints on the use of Web
Services addressing.

WS-Addressing provides a number of features. Some of these features are
useful where the underlying transport lacks equivalent capability. For
example, over HTTP, in the absence of WS-Addressing, SOAP faults and
responses must be returned on the HTTP response. This holds the
transport resources open for the duration of the exchange and prevents
the more uncoupled, asynchronous implementation that JMS is conducive
of. From a WS-Addressing perspective, the HTTP response provides the
transport "back-channel" for MEP responses and faults. WS-Addressing
uses the anonymous URI to specify the transport "back-channel". In the
case of SOAP/JMS it is the JMS ReplyTo and JMSCorrelationID that defines
the transport "back-channel" for WS-Addressing. That is the extent of
the relationship, for example, there is nothing in the SOAP/JMS binding
that imposes equivalencies between WS-Addressing correlation properties
and those for JMS correlation.   

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