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RE: ACTION-64 - Clarify spec about topic replyToName

From: Rokicki, Derek <Derek.Rokicki@softwareag.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:55:44 -0500
Message-ID: <173583B35C32FD48B3114FB1122C3FEF019C5EB4@resmsg04.AME.ad.sag>
To: "Rokicki, Derek" <Derek.Rokicki@softwareag.com>, <public-soap-jms@w3.org>

As I mentioned in our February 9th meeting, it seems that we overlooked
the idea of a topicReplyToName in the SOAP over JMS 1.0 specification.

According to section 4.3.1. of the URI Scheme, if a JMS topic is
required as a response destination, then a JMS URI can employ the
"topicReplyToName" parameter.  This parameter is not mentioned in the
SOAP over JMS 1.0 specification at all.  For consistency sake I suggest
we modify section 2.2.2 of the SOAP over JMS 1.0 specification.  Here is
one possible set of changes:

Add the following comments to the soapjms:ReplyToName definition:
*	If the variant is "queue" or "topic", the replyToName parameter
always refers to a name of a JMS queue.
*	Both the "replyToName" and "topicReplyToName" parameters MUST
not be specified at the same time.

Add a new definition:
[Definition: soapjms:topicReplyToName] (xsd:string) 
*	Specifies the name of the topic destination to which a response
message should be sent.
*	If the variant is "jndi", then this value is ignored.
Question, should we ignore the value or should we treat it like we do
the replyToName?
*	Both the "replyToName" and "topicReplyToName" parameters MUST
not be specified at the same time.
Question, what if they are?  Do we ignore one or does this cause a
Question, what if replyToName is in one source and topicReplyToName is
in another?
*	optional in URI, optional in WSDL, optional in environment
*	if specified, this is used to derive the value to be used in the
JMS header JMSReplyTo

If there is time, I would like to discuss this further in tomorrow's

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