In case it wasn't obvious, I got the subject wrong in the last email - this is for the meeting of Sept. 9, 2008.


Eric Johnson wrote:
Greetings, our next call will take place on Tuesday 2008-09-09 at 16:00UTC and last for 1 hour.

We will be using the Zakim bridge [1], the phone numbers and passcode for the call can be found at:

Participants are invited to join IRC channel #soap-jms as documented on the WG's administrative home page:

Oustanding Actions:

ACTION-19: bhakti to write up an answer to the question of WS-Addressing -
ACTION-23: mark - Review the relevant parts of the XML Schema draft on behalf of SOAP/JMS WG -
ACTION-26: phil - Incorporate changes brought up in discussion during conf call of 8/26 -
ACTION-27: eric - Examine/update xslt for test cases, once test cases stabilizes -
ACTION-28: roland - Add test case documents and scripts to version control -
ACTION-29: derek - Write up a proposal to differentiate JNDI connection properties in the URI and WSDL -
ACTION-30: eric - Write up the options for using TextMessage that we have discussed so that we can identify and discuss the scenarios -

Minutes of last call :

Regrets: Roland, ... ?


Chair: Eric

Topic: Scribe selection
Scribe: ?

Topic: Agenda bashing

Topic: Action item review

Topic: Discussion of Phil's latest test case proposals:

Topic: Logistics for calls on 09-16

Topic: AOB?

SOAP over Java™ Message Service 1.0
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Next draft: Last Call, milestone plan in Charter says Sept 2008