Roland Merrick wrote:
ACTION: eric to come up with more example text for section or
  [recorded in]
For section

import java.naming.Context;
import javax.jms.DeliveryMode;
import javax.jms.Destination;
import javax.jms.Message;
import javax.jms.MessageProducer;

class ... {

  // add appropriate error checking for your use....
  public void someMethod(Context ctx, MessageProducer producer, Message jmsMessage,
        String deliveryModeStr, String replyToName, int priority, long timeToLive) {

    // set the delivery mode to the appropriate constant value.
    int deliveryMode = deliveryModeStr.equals("PERSISTENT") ? DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT, DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT;
    jmsMessage.setJMSDeliveryMode( deliveryMode );
    // Set the reply destination, first looking it up using JNDI
    Destination replyDestination = ctx.lookup(replyToName);

    // set the priority on the message.

    // set when the message is set to expire.

    // and finally, send the message.

    // alternately, a bunch of the lines above could be collapsed to:
    // producer.send(jmsMessage, deliveryMode, priority, timeToLive);


For section, a similar pattern:

import javax.jms.Message;
import javax.mail.internet.ContentType;

class ... {

  public void anotherMethod(Message jmsMessage, String targetService, ContentType type, URI requestURI) {

    jmsMessage.setStringProperty("SOAPJMS_targetService", targetService);

    // at least for this definition of the binding, the version here is always "1.0"
    jmsMessage.setStringProperty("SOAPJMS_bindingVersion", "1.0");

    // set the content type using the ContentType value already defined by javax.mail.
    jmsMessage.setStringProperty("SOAPJMS_contentType", type.toString() );

    jmsMessage.setStringProperty("SOAPJMS_soapAction", "");

    // for the first message in an exchange, not a fault1
    jmsMessage.setBooleanProperty("SOAPJMS_isFault", false);

    jmsMessage.setStringProperty("SOAPJMS_requestURI, requestURI.toString() );

Thus concludes my pending action items.