SML WG Conf Call

23 Mar 2009

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John, Sandy, Len, Kumar, Ginny, Kirk
Henry, Jim
Kumar Pandit


Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)

<lencharest> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sml/2009Mar/att-0020/20090316-sml-minutes.html

john: no objections to approving the minutes.

RESOLUTION: the minutes of 3/16 are approved.

from the CG

john: nothing new.

Action items

john: it seems that not everyone has reviewed the namespace document. Since Henry himself is not here, we will give one more week to the group to review the document.

Rec track documents

john: We need to determine the effect on implementations of having to support xml 1.0 fifth edition.

kumar: I do not yet have the information about whether Microsoft's .net xml processor supports the fifth edition. I will have that info by the next week.

john: We could try the floor-ceiling approach (floor == 4th edition), but there is a possibility that we may have to go back to LC if the director so decides.

sandy: I wanted to ask Henry about a paradox related to xml fifth edition.
... question to Henry: The xml spec has a new edition (5th) that allows new characters in some productions (eg, NameStartChar). However, the namespace spec has not undergone a similar revision (eg, NCNameStartChar), therefore the new characters would be invalid according to the namespace spec. How should processors behave in this case?
... the above may also affect how we (SML WG) deal with the xml 5th edition issue.

Review EPR and XLink Notes

group: discussion on bug# 5561 comment# 13 from ginny.

john: I would like the editors to reach consensus on the () / [] style issue. The group should discuss it only if the editors cannot reach a consensus or their consensus is unacceptable to the wider wg (believed to be unlikely, editors have a good track record here).
... I don't have the full context about ginny's disagreements as noted in comment# 13. I will talk about it in the next call.
Kumar: for my own part (as an editor), either approach is fine.
group: discussion on bug# 5561 comment# 14 from Kirk.
... john and Len discuss about the sentence "an SML reference that is an instance of the XLink ref scheme".

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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