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EPR Technical Notes (Issue 5341)

From: Wilson, Kirk D <Kirk.Wilson@ca.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 16:01:27 -0400
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In preparation for the upcoming F2F, which, unfortunately, I'm not going
to be able to attend, but I may be able to "attend" the morning sessions
by phone, here is the current draft of the EPR Technical Notes.  The
attached copy that says "Finalversion" contains the change bars for some
previous prior version (it may not have been the previous version that
was distributed to the group, because John and I have had several
off-line iterations on the Note), the other version has all changes
accepted.  I suspect you will want to read the document from the
beginning anyway to refresh yourself on it.


Major points to note:

1.	The Note actually defines a Framework for defining EPR-based SML
reference schemes.  A framework is required because there is no one
thing that is an SML EPR reference scheme.  EPR reference schemes may be
quite varied depending on the service and its interface that is being
addressed.  So the note suggests some normative ideas for defining EPR
reference schemes (note the clever way John proposed to move from the
non-normative status of the technical note to accepting the framework as
normative for EPR-based SML reference schemes), and I try to work out
one possible path for defining an EPR-based SML reference scheme based
on the OASIS WS-ResourceFramework standard in some detail.
2.	The absolutely most challenging part of this note, on which John
and I had lots-and-lots of emails, was defining the mechanisms by which
EPR-based SML reference schemes can be rendered interoperable, or more
precisely, what the definition of an EPR-based SML reference scheme
might include so that interoperability can be achieved between two
vendors accepting that particular reference scheme definition. 


(I will add the reference to this email to the issue.)   


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