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[Bug 5720] Inconsistent languge describing sml references and schemes

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Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 12:00:09 +0000
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------- Comment #2 from kirk.wilson@ca.com  2008-05-29 12:00 -------
While 4.1.1 needs to formally state/clarify the relationship between SML
reference and SML reference scheme, as Julia has pointed out, the current
definition of SML reference scheme,

An SML Reference Scheme is a set of rules defining the syntax used to represent
an instance of the reference scheme in the context of an SML reference...

doesn't provide a basis for this relationship (besides being a bit of
mind-twister--all it says is that a SML ref scheme defines what an instance of
a the defintion is). The phrase "in the context of a SML reference" can mean
anything, and thus it specifies nothing.   The word "instance" in the
definition is not referring to the notion of an instance of an SML reference
scheme; thus, the spec uses "instance" in one context in the definition of SML
ref scheme and we are proposing to use it another context for the explanation
of the relationship between SML Ref and SML ref scheme.

I would suggest defining "SML Ref scheme" along the following lines:

An SML ref scheme is a set rules that define XML markup for a mechanism for
expressing(/representing ?) an (instance of an ?) SML reference....  The
instantiation, or XML markup, of a SML ref scheme may be specified as either an
attribute or child element of an SML Reference.  
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